We Visited The World's Largest Gas Station & Convenience Store! (Buc-Ee’s, New Braunfels, Tx)

  • 18-Apr-2022

Good morning, Adventure, good morning, adventurers morning. The last time you saw us was in California, yes, right. And that was about a month ago, and I know that some of you guys get a little pissed if we have huge gaps between our videos. But sometimes honestly we go like three months, six months without having a break, and we just needed we wanted to take more breaks.

You guys think we are always on vacation. We are not, but we worked for this last month, and it was glorious. But that also means that me. Are pretty much caught up on our videos. Think there's only like, oh, maybe a week and a half delay. So these are nice and fresh.

And you guys, honestly, didn't, miss anything. We've been on a diet for the last month, no way, yeah, hunker down chilling, basically sitting at home and doing nothing, and it's been amazing. We were doing the whole, 30 diet. So we're, not going to get into it, but Google that if you want to know just how strict how boring we've been all about the change we're about to continue our road. Trip we came down from Missouri now, we're gonna head back up we're gonna head through Alabama. We've been trying to hit up states that we haven't really seen or been to before, so it's been a lot of fun.

I love road tripping. But before we do that we have to get most importantly, we have to get gas, and we know just where to do it and the largest convenience store in the world, applies also known as Bucky. So if you're not from Texas, sorry, going to light right. My dad's here. What I was going to say was if.

You're, not from Texas, you might have no idea what the heck Bucky's is the buck-toothed beaver character named Bucky has basically become kind of a symbol for Texas for a lot of people. So when you see his goofy little face off in the distance, you'll know, you're in the Lone Star State, we got our gas, but we didn't want to stay at the pump since we'll be inside for a while. But finding a parking spot is actually hard. It is very popular and there's, a bunch of parking up front there's, a huge row. But. Then there's a ton of parking, but it's, just a little further away. We have managed to find a parking spot right back there, we're gonna head inside, and then we're going to tell you a little more about the largest gas station and convenience store on the planet also known as , not expecting that, oh, hey, nice to meet ya.

We are officially inside. This place is huge I think we're just going to mosey around and check out all the stuff they have you all. You can buy a whole freaking grill here. They have about a million different colors to choose from they have every beverage known to man from milk to beer to juice, anything broken anything and everything. Sadly, one thing you should not come to Becky's for is soda. They only have 80 different fountains there's. Nothing up the coolest thing that I found in here.

So far are all these shelves with a bunch of local Texas products, check this out. We've got peanut butter here, cinnamon, honey, butter, a bunch of different types of honey, just in. General all kinds of sauces and stuff like this from all over Texas, and some of it right here, New Braunfels, they also have a gigantic gift shop where you can check yourself out in all things Bucky. The store just keeps going I thought we were at the end of it, but there's a whole other section back here that says, hunting stuff, yes, so they had the Bucky's brain and stuff. And then it just went into regular clothing shoes.

And then an entire hunting section just never in you guys, I. Take it back this. Is the coolest thing I found in here, it's a freaking, floating cooler, that's, amazing, the San Marcos, River, actually runs right through here. And we've right nearby. And we've gone floating on that River before we actually made a video about ages ago, it's been a while, but this would have been so great to have on their must-have travel items. This is for when you're really a dedicated bucket's fan. We got a Bucky's top bucket's, one-piece, bucket's bottoms.

What do you think did you pull it off? Comment below could she pull it off? So the first bookies was actually opened in 1982 way long ago, and there are 36 locations all of which are in the state of Texas, except for one in January Alabama was the lucky state to get its first bucket outside of Texas I think they're going to be open in some in Florida as well according to the Wikipedia page, oh, you guys and the rest of the world you're about to know, the goodness of Becky's Bucky's is so much more than just a gas station.

It is also the. Largest convenience store as we mentioned, just to give you an idea of how massive it is on the inside actually so large that you can fit 22 average size 7-eleven convenience stores inside it's, actually, also the size of two Whole Foods. So this place is freaking huge.

Look. What I just found you guys? They've got some pecans swirling over here and some cashews or something over there. I wish you guys could smell if it's insane. This is crazy though this whole center section here they have all kinds of. Food being made a lot of it fresh over there. They've got the nut station back there that I just showed you and all kinds of stuff that they're working on over here.

Some of it's shaped like Texas, it's, amazing I, honestly had no clue all this stuff was in here. I've only ever stopped here for gas. That is definitely more convenience store. This side is more I, don't know, a scale market or something like that welcome to the jerky wall.

You guys, this is actually one of the things that Bucky's is best. Known for all different types of homemade jerky is here there are so many flavors, they got garlic beef. They got maple beef peppered beef. Oh my gosh.

They have Steakhouse beef. So many. She could literally go on like this forever. If I don't cut her off there's, still so many walnuts. And these little suckers these little beaver nuggets, beaver nuggets, which I had never heard of before I think, they're, sweet like caramel, WWW.

You might have to get some of these and give them a little taste test. I'm, pretty curious Bucky's buggies. Beaver, nuggets also can I just say, this is the happiest little mascot. He just makes me want to buy. So you might be wondering why the mascot is Bucky the beaver, and it's, actually a combination of things. The guy who started at his nickname was beaver.

His dog was named . And apparently there was a toothpaste back in the day. Ivana's toothpaste. I believe never heard of it.

But there must have been Bucky the beaver mm-hmm. So I guess it's like a combination of. Everything so is known for having fascinating food and gas and all this stuff. But another huge reason why people come to Bucky's is Believe It or Not for the restrooms. They are considered the cleanest in the country.

And this one actually won an award for the best restroom in America. This restroom, right here and that's, because the restrooms are constantly being cleaned by an attendant floor-to-ceiling stalls. And they also have floor-to-ceiling dividers for the urinals, which I. Don't think I've ever seen before. But when you go in there I got to tell you, it is immaculate.

I didn't, get too many shots in there because I felt like a creep going in there, trying to point my phone around and film a restroom. But you get the idea we are. Sadly, leaving bucket's.

We've spent entirely too much time here. It's a lot of fun there's so much goofy stuff in there, but I do hope you guys enjoyed coming and exploring a little piece of Texas with us show you guys just a bit I, just can't. Wait to I can g-wagon garage hike we're on the road, and it's nothing, but highway the rest of the day. Second it's going to be a little boring, aka Bieber nuggets like I'm saying, aka all the time today also known as Bucky also known as . Apparently Bucky's is famous for these little beaver. Nuggets, I have absolutely no idea what they taste like they're, sweet, they're, salty and there's, no fever in there's a little. The tiniest amount trees beaver in there.

This is what we're breaking our. Diet for though it's, appropriate, maybe I, don't know, the time has come it's, probably not worth it. Possibly I want to try it smells. Pretty good smells, sweet, caramel and probably delicious before the lady for the man who was much more of a pup and I thought it was going to be out it's like caramel, corn meets Pirate's Booty plum. You don't know what Pirate's Booty is Google that my Aunt Lucy, a Pirate's Booty it's, very much like caramel corn. But without the little kernels so don't get stuck in your.

Teeth, that's, pretty nice actually, perfect, but super sweet. That is a though I can see you till the camera here it tastes like, um, there was a French toast cereal. We were a little. Oh, yeah.

The French toast crunch. Sure it's, not cinnamon toast crunch, but it's a little freaky, but the sense of welcome to you like cereal. Timing. You may think it's, really next up. The famous turkey that we mentioned. Alright, let's go to track.

So we went with what is this hill? Country brand cherry, maple beef, Jersey. They.

Had so many cool flavors, certainly a strong smell just smells like me, really, yeah, they're pretty moist. But a really, um, sticky, yummy and dense. They look like little meat, sweet meat, onions, oh, yeah, very tasty. I, carry though seems like Tahiti can be I think we're just going to have to talk with our mouths full on this one.

Okay, it's just going to take a while to chew through if it's got like cherry syrup and stuff in there. But it's really not that sweet, I thought, it would be a really strong fruity flavor. Oop Tamar Pressman, you definitely have to let this sit and dissolve in your mouth for a little. Richer, I hope, I love the cherry. Yeah, Terry seems odd. Huh. Luckily, they have about a hundred other flavors.

You could try when you go there. We will be trying another one drop the mic drop the mic. Okay. All right. I'm going to fix this dang it. If you're wondering, this is the setup that we have right now holding our camera.

So it's, a little Jacky, very professional. We have one more thing to try these are their. Puppies, jalapeo, smoke sticks, I, don't. Think you go wrong with jalapeo, smoke, stick it's really hard to get this plastic. Oh, there we go it's like a jerky Twizzlers Cheers, oh really. Take it that helped me get right up to bat other jalapeo is a really nice refreshing.

Flavor. It's, really, realistic barely any ingredients in here. Just like beef, jalapeo powder, black pepper ground, red pepper, a couple other things, great and no sugar in this Masada is just completely savory. I have to say, I, really prefer.

This awkward, each stick to these, uh, beef jerky bites. But we are going to indulge in our awkward snacks and Oh way, way back on the road. We found another Bucky's then we're going to stop at because we forgot to check our oil. Before we left this one is way smaller than the other one, though, you know, baby a quarter of the size, maybe, but still, but still like five times as big as a normal convenience store. What'd? You do oh dang. Did you burn yourself?

That's? One, hot dip stick our car leaks oil or evaporates. Oil or some gas like that, I, don't know, jack about cars you guys, but we got to check the oil. Sometimes you don't look like months without having an issue. And sometimes the oil will just dry right up. We don't need to mess up our engine.

What do we go? I? Don't know, it's, pretty good there's all over that thing. Tornado, if it's that where the line is, but I think it's kinda in the middle I'm, going to call that safe back on the road we're in our hotel for the night I, literally just hit the last minute found. The cheapest possible place, yeah, our before we got here, we didn't know how if I were you going to make it say, which we don't normally just go in blind, but we did. And then we don't it's kind of fun.

Sometimes when you're road-tripping to do that, but I did the bedbug check and no bedbugs get the quality in and its quality in quality, it's. Okay for one night, but I am so dead tired, we forgot to even do this anything I was about to just crash out, but I'm here, yeah, and we will be on the road tomorrow. We.

Just have a little more of a drive until we get to Alabama we're going to be spending some time in Birmingham we're going to explore in the city, I, keep wanting to say, Birmingham, because we've spent time in Birmingham England, yeah, but this is Birmingham UK anymore. Yes. But we did have a lot of fun bringing you guys along with us - Bucky's and just exploring Bucky's. We've really never had such an excuse to really look at all the stuff that the store has they had so much. If you have been there, let us. Know what your favorite treats or goodies are what you look forward most to when you go there, I'm, imagining they had all sorts of coffees I'm. Sure, those are great the sodas if you're in the sodas had been fun.

But oh, yeah, we had quite a blast wandering around fun. I think, that's. If I think we're.

Both pretty delirious at this point. We just many hours in this good night adventures, we'll, see on the road.

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