We're Back!!! - 2022 Update | What's New For Concealed Carry Channel

  • 21-Mar-2022

Yeah, let's do some shooting and there she is feeling a very well-made five shots in two seconds at three, five, seven and ten yards. Somebody is going to win a Traeger right now. Oh, god. This god, I want to just throw it one in the chamber, how about that? Hello? Everybody. Thank you guys for uh, joining the concealed carry channel today.

Thank you. All the Patreon supporters, um, my YouTube subscribers, my viewers for the concealed carry channel. Um, love that you guys do the comments and everything it's just. Sweet, um, as you can see we're, not in the gunroom and uh, actually we're just kind of chilling out here in my uh, dining room. And this is kind of the direction that we're going to be going with the concealed carry channel, something, um more casual. Something for me, that's going to be more fun.

I want to get you guys up to speed on what's been going on because it's been probably two months since I've uploaded a video. And you know, I've had some people ask like, hey, where are you we haven't seen any. Videos, um, you know, just kind of get you guys up to speed on uh on that. And then also, uh 2022. And what we're going to be doing with the channel because we do have some changes coming.

And you know, I'm not huge for surprises. So those of your subscribers, you know, I want you to be too surprised with what you see, uh coming down the pipeline in the future. So, uh, basically 2021 was awesome. We hit over 10 000 subscribers, which was unexpected. It was sweet. Well, I shouldn't say it was too unexpected.

It wasn't, my it wasn't like my goal, though, um, I really started the channel to help people make better educated decisions on firearms and accessories and stuff like that. Those of you who know anything about YouTube and monetization of YouTube, especially with gun channels, it is really doesn't exist. You know, um it's its, not some just big money making, you know, uh enterprise or something like that. Most all of us who do, uh, YouTube stuff, that's, informative, it's, basically, a hobby and 2021. Uh was one of. Those years, of course, with a pandemic and everything where I had a lot of friends, family, uh contact, me asking my opinion on certain things, because I own a lot of guns. And so I was like all right?

Well, you know, there's got to be more people out there with the same questions. I'll, uh, I'll, make a video. So I did. And you know that video kind of like a, you know, snowball, just kind of grew.

It was cool, you know and, uh, then, you know, people commented and stuff like that. And now it's interactive. And it was. A lot of fun at one point, it became more than just like a hobby and really started to feel like a lot of work and that's where I kind of lost steam for it is like, hey, I actually have a whole other career outside this and that's, basically what supports uh, the channel. You know, I do get some support from our Patreon supporters, which has helped immensely. So, thank you guys so much for that, um, but outside that, I mean, guns cost a lot of money. Ammo.

Oh, my god, uh costs. A lot of money range time. You. Know going to the range, they usually charge you, you know, anywhere, 20 something dollars an hour or so, um and stuff like that.

So what I needed to do was kind of take a break, I had to work a ton, uh, this last few months, um. So, you know, there really wasn't time for uploading videos and stuff. But uh, this year 2022 going into this is going to be a little different, and it's more so to bring back the joy that I have for doing the reviews and doing informative stuff. But also to answer, you know, People who have messaged me, uh about things that aren't concealed carry channel related. So when it comes to like AR parts or shotgun parts or rifle parts, or you know, other things like that that's, not necessarily conceal carry related, uh, we're going to be going into that previously. I had just put those types of videos.

Aside for our Patreon supporters. We need to call it beyond the black shirt beyond the blue shirt. You know, as we change shirts.

Well, now, you know, it's like I'm, I'm, not wearing the. Polo shirt, you know, this is going to be a lot more casual. A lot more candid. You know, uh of me speaking on certain things you like it. You do great. Furthermore, you don't like it. Okay.

Well another opinion, never hurts. Right? Um. So that's, the way that I look at it, and you know, you take it for what it is. Um, you know being that I work in the firearm industry. I talk to a lot of people in the firearm industry.

I talk to a lot of people on the other side of the counter as customers. And I hear their feedback so that's. Basically what I'm sharing with you guys, um.

So in 2022, what we're going to do is we're going to make all the Patreon exclusive videos available to everybody. We are still going to keep the Patreon page, and we're going to continue to do the giveaways, which I'll announce like the uh last, uh, last year's, uh, giveaway winner. Um, yeah. So we're still going to do the giveaways for like Patreon supporters. And I love, you guys so much, you know, those of you who support this channel through Patreon, um. But the.

Videos and stuff that are on there we're going to make available to everybody. So they can see those, and we're going to be doing a lot more with uh products that are not concealed carry channel related so that's. Um, what I wanted to tell you is, you know as a subscriber, if you see something that pops up, and it's, you know, me changing out like a butt stock on ar-15, or something like that where it's just a short little video, and it's like, hey, this isn't related well, that's kind of the route that we're. Going to be going because a lot of people have voiced me, messaged me and said, hey, you know, I'd like to see more of these types of things all right? Cool? No problem. I don't mind doesn't, take up a lot of my time as long as you know, I'm, not having to work like crazy.

I did this last uh, three months, two to three months. So, anyway, um, yeah, cheers to that cheers to a little of change cheers to the channel growing and uh, the great and the great comments, the great support that I've seen from. Uh, all of you and uh, 2022 should be an awesome year.

Um, you know, we have a lot of changes, uh for the channel going on and obviously there are a lot of changes going out in the world, um, hopefully most of all of them are going to be positive, and you know, we'll stick together and keep supporting all of each other. And you know, all the 2a gun owners. So anyway, cheers to that, and we'll, see you next time here on the concealer carry channel?.

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