Unseen: The Boy Victims Of The Sex Trade

  • 18-Apr-2022

We have this idea from movies where a young woman is drugged chained and then taken to a different country. But what happens in our own neighborhoods it's more stories, like mine of boyfriends who form a connection with you, and you trust them. And then you wake up one day, and you realize you're being trafficked. I originally grew up in a very small town called Sarasota in Texas. I didn't actually come out to my family. My parents went through my cell phone one day at this time, I'm, 15 years old, my.

Father said, I'm only going to ask you one more time are you gay? And I said, I'm, not. And the second I said that to him, I got a fist to my face, and I blacked out hit the floor.

And he kicked me into my abdomen. I got up dialed 911 on our home phone. And he smacked the phone out of my hand. I didn't feel safe.

And I remember thinking that if I had a relationship with someone who's, older they'll, be able to protect me, and they'll be able to give me the support. And the love that I haven't been given my. Entire life, the first night, Jason treated me, amazing, we went to lunch.

We had dinners. And then the routine changed a little. He said, one day, you're going to want to live a life on your own. And I think it'd be a great idea if you got a head start, and he said, I'm, a registered massage therapist. I think it would be great. If you gave massages with me, we had our first appointment set. The first thing I noticed is the client has no clothing on, and he's, not under the sheeting that was provided.

And then. Jason began to take his clothing off. And I knew I had to take my clothes off as the massages continued. They began to get more and more aggressive. I remember when things started getting to a point to where I had zero control over what happened to me?

I had so many dreams. Furthermore, I had so many goals there were so many things that I wanted to do, and suddenly I'm in this place, where I'm not able to do any of it. Yeah, I'd probably say like half an inch.

We could take off, and it'll be fine slowly. But surely I. Started to notice that I had to start taking care of myself, I had to find solid ground, because I just felt like I was going to die from this feeling that I had. And I began working out with a trainer, the stronger that my body became the stronger. My mind became.

And I slowly started to let go of the anxiety. I am a full-time hair stylist here in Boston, Massachusetts. I finally have a set clientele who love me who support me who come and see me once a month. Furthermore, I am also advocating and I'm helping. Others when I first started creating content for ticktock, I was terrified of being myself.

This is happening all the time that was pretty good and that's. Why I felt that I needed to share my story, and I needed to come forward and help as many people as possible. You.

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