Review Phim: Những Kẻ Ngông Cuồng (2014)

  • 18-Apr-2022

You see how these thugs anger, an unworthy person in a late night alley, a bunch of thugs are bullying. A main girl right now you guys stop this. What are they doing in the end? The old man who stormed into everyone was angry and blamed the thugs to laugh, haha and looked down on him., The, 80-year-o, LD man, also dared to wave his arms and legs. But the next second, the old man, waved his hand and knocked.

One d, in in the face of the surrounding thugs. The old man was not afraid to challenge them alone. The.

Old man, didn't know, the rules of the world changed long ago, the thugs beat him, mercilessly, basically, didn't say anything to him. And finally, the old man was kicked to death, The thugs who see the sky with this swing are still not this time. They are over the limit. And the old man who died is not an ordinary person, but a gangster who used to be a big gangster who made his name famous for a lifetime.

The wind finally fell into the hands of these thugs who didn't follow the rules, The younger brother. In a faraway country knew the name of his dead brother, very angry. This person called hi chi.

Immediately took a private plane to fly back to London to deal with the gangsters who killed vegetarians, his unreported feud between brothers and sisters did not lead to the web. Summoning subordinates that year This torturer is because of his bravery when he commits a crime, He needs to look to know if the other person has to lie, 20 law enforcement officers whose names are bittersweet, erratic, cruel. Tricks, no one dares to touch him. The Butcher's name is a murderous scheming who can mutilate a body within 15 minutes, even though these gangsters, and these gangsters have been washing their hands and swords for 20 years and have entered such an old age still.

They are all readers with you have to find the killer who killed him, avenge. His brother's defiance of the police's obstruction, and stormed into the scene of the crime., keep the very detailed clues to find the police officer on the square. Is one black, one white, and they are colluding together to win the rule.

Power used power to hold the rule of the city of that era. In addition to the post-Qin and Leroy also coach and the other side of the Ocean, The other point is that the two of them withdrew while being able to turn an emigrant abroad to become an On Ho street, a person chooses to retire and enjoy themselves. The. Police have a clue in their hands. A video.

Dream that the only person they see is a girl who followed the clues. About Chi and found the other girl. The brother used his life without living, according to the girl's revelation, Lucy knew a name named Lin, The leader of the gangster organization was also the killer of his brother, even though he was a gangster or something so crowded. The circuit that Dare to kill his brother can't, be forgiven by any party involved. Next. He wants to fight back for revenge, The gangsters who can't fight the most are them.

It's. The boss don't think they're. Eighty years. Old with gray hair, but they're, all full of apologies They're all cruel people in the past They, keep the order of the underworld in this city, apply the rules of one-way order.

But after they wash their hands and guard their swords for 20 years, Some people start to disobey the rules., any hidden jobs that don't work with women, children, and don't, spare the police nor dare to anger them. Unfortunately, this time they have angered people who should not be touched by these people who do not know life. And death , an 80-year-old man, but They didn't expect that every scene of the old man, they absolutely couldn't, touch, So the elders began to avenge. The leader Ollie was very cunning to launch the Mystery, So they took action from their subordinates. He who tortured brother Alan's, happiness saw a bunch of old men with childish faces, screaming and cursing at some old men with long skin, quickly let go, or they would die.

Tragically old, men It's been a long time since they were injured. If. You scold. Like that, you will come to the place and still dare to harden the arrow in it to be executed by the executioner The.

Country's law enforcement is an excellent torturer, remembering people suffering so much that a long nail went through, so losing it hurts, but love hurts so much that it's hard to see the side effects. Tons on the old man's hands, The last thug knew that it was now Tie was already in a hurry. Usually, He couldn't stand the power of that arrow, But it brought him to the point of. Losing again, the other guy was so scared that his face turned pale. Constantly begging to agree with the old men who are looking for you., Just, look and know that the other party is lying, but why write orders to untie Han to build and send a black guy with an umbrella, But the next second, he dies. Didn't expect these old people to be so cruel to this friend, How could they get over? Ritchie, The reason why he untied him was because he had never killed people sitting in front of his eyes, Wanting.

To get out of Aron's, hiding place was impossible and more because the other one died due to too much blood loss, The old men don't care about the new cruel, revenge, I, can't, find it. My. Hiding place are some crazy old men who take action against his subordinates, They enjoy a game of cat and mouse.

One by one, Air's subordinates are arrested and forced to ask questions, But these guys secretly refuse to say, their names., This guy doesn't know what life and death is, He opens his mouth to insult. The old man's family, This is the limit Can't. Be touched.

In the end. He got furious, You punched him., heart disease, relapsed by three old men to the hospital at this time. They didn't know that the saved girl had sold them out to some goddamn man by swinging his hand with a professional weapon and sneaking into their target hospital were four 80- year-old old men, a woman in it seemed to have a direct direction to stop her illness, which Chiang had already succeeded.

In, absolutely did not. Expect, was hit by a bunch of old men, who were all armed. Wait, a long time. Now that I hear the gunshots, I realize there's an anomaly, This is basically a play coach made up and wrote. Tri pretended to be sick and was hospitalized I told the girl that the intention was to sell them out that the snakes got out of the cave Al. And his subordinates went to the hospital to arrest.

The whole cow Island madly opened fire. But, absolutely did not expect the gas to explode The gun that killed. It was their. Own, the thugs panicked and shot at the old man with a normal, calm face. They've looked at it, too much, They've already come out, But the movement is not slow Pulling out the knife, The opponent is in pain, crying. Tragedy of Thai was a semi-sweeping battle, The enemy, died, An arrow broke.

The fire extinguisher in the thick fog, a carnage began. Finally, due to the enemy's overcrowding, The old man got injured and helped the island girl. Being raped, the old man, surrendered heartlessly., Involved. Innocent people risky and brothers slowly, appeared 2 times holding guns, angry. But at this time, he was knocked down by his own people, taking that opportunity to spend live music on the ground. When I was a kid, I fired a gun, but I have a habit of having to go to the field 3 times before each shooting. He just had time, He threw the gun away and began to hit bare-handed, Arleen, The device was knocked to the ground.

But in the gun, there was no police force leading the team to rush in. Alan, picked. Up the gun and shot him dead, all of this was part of his plan, including the police would come. And borrow the hand of the police who hadn't sent the enemy, yet. It's, all part of his plan right now, as a victim, even the police can't do anything about them. They're shameless as a gangster who once relied on not only his extraordinary courage, But also his There are many children, four 80- year-old old men, working to destroy a gang of gangsters to avenge their dead brother, No one knows that this. Is just the beginning of unwillingness to say, no to the fact that they do not leave, but choose to stay in the world.

The world is not black. Then there is no need for rules. He wants to rebuild it for young people. Now, This world requires morality and rules, not youth enthusiasm, You can let yourself go too much. This world, always has an iron plate that can't be touched like him, He still has him. If at first, no , then don't tie that girl up or beat the old man to death, will their fates be.


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