Republicans Vs. Democrats

  • 21-Mar-2022

Your Honor, yeah, it's the custody case. Oh yes, remind me of the details, a divorced couple we're fighting over custody of their daughter. The United States of America, send him in okay, will do take a seat and talk to me, Your, Honor, I want my daughter back she's been at her house for the last six years. Yeah.

And before that eight years at your house, yeah, after 8:00 with you and 12 with you all right? How old is she 225 that's that's, very young for a country, but still de enough to decide for herself right?. Who do you want to be with kid, I'm, usually pretty annoyed with whomever I'm with at the moment want to choose dad, honey, low taxes, low spending Oh, what about mommy, dear high taxes high spending cool?

Oh, she does that. Well, you can't just let her cherry-pick think about her future. Oh, I hate that word, it's. Okay. Baby. The future is not real. Okay.

Mommy will let you have all the debt that you want. Janna. Daddy's house pollution is totally cool. No, no, no she's playing you off each other to get any bad thing.

She wants what do you mean any bad thing? Okay? What about this health care app?

I have? Huh? Oh, it won't load. Ha, mission accomplished don't.

Start a war. Somewhere. Yeah. We'll. Go hug.

A tree. Go melt, an ice cap, that's something right now. Now we need a reminder of George Washington, spare money. You need to pay attention. I'm. Sorry, your lame I fought in the Reagan Revolution, not a real revolution.

Then how come I have so many guns, I met you're. Both lame what, but I was the one who occupied Wall Street. Yeah, well, I didn't need to occupy it because I work there. Thanks for the market crash. Yeah, well Europe called.

They want their policies back. What 1850 called, they want. Their 1850 didn't have a full victory. This girl requires a strong family.

Can't. You see that, hey, whoa, we have families. Yeah, we remarried. Not you to sit down now we're, not leaving until we can agree on something okay, like.

What should we give the poor? Nothing handouts? So you agree, they should say, poor, yes, look at that. What else can. We agree on well, I would like a giant fence all along the southern border, hmm and I want to legalize drugs. So, uh fence with holes in it.

Yeah, look at that. You could accomplish so much when you work together, well, I have to admit, I think we've got to a good place. Yeah, things have definitely evolved that's. Not a thing to Ohio USA, have you been having some family problems and I thought, maybe we should get back together. Stay away from my daughter. God, save the queen, and we're back with more scandal.

Members of a sketch comedy group called Studio C are so desperate for subscribers that they are adding videos to the ends of their sketches more on the story. After you watch another sketch.

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