Red Iphone 12 Unboxing, Impressions & Key Features

  • 21-Mar-2022

Hey, it's, Chris. And today I've got an unboxing for you of the red 256, gig version of the iPhone 12 the regular iPhone. So of course, I'm gonna actually unbox it.

But along the way we're gonna talk about all kinds of things that are relevant to whether or not this is the iPhone that you actually want to purchase, so I'm actually going to get it set up, and then I'm also going to unbox the MagSafe charger see how it works. Then also demo this case, see how that works as well. And while we're at it, I'll. Probably mention here, and there the 12 pro, although we're not going to get deep into that in this particular video. Now, before I actually tear into this box, I do want to point out that.

Yes, there are the things that we've all come to expect this year. You know, like a better camera or a spec bump, but there's, actually a fair amount of new things brand-new things to be excited about maybe even more so than on a typical year. So, yeah, this is actually going to be really fun.

You know, I think it's, probably. Safe to assume that this is going to be the iPhone that people buy the most this year and wow, look at that color that blows me away that is different from I expected. Wow. My first impression, this is almost like a hot red color, I didn't even know that that was a thing like hot pink.

But this is like on the verge of having a little of pink in there, but it retains its redness I'm really surprised by this color. And I really, really like it to be very honest, not something I would have. Considered buying before actually going hands-on with it, but now I'm kind of wanting it. And of course, like you guys probably guessed, this is a review unit.

Now I can't wait to start talking about the design. But I just have to say, even though there are some compelling new features this year, I'm, not sure that this is a must upgrade to phone in terms of is it something that would actually make you upgrade ahead of when you had planned to if anything I think the two models that would compel people to. Upgrade before they had planned might be the iPhone mini which is new this year, or maybe the pro max, which actually has a very upgraded camera. Now in the box, you'll, notice that something's gone missing there isn't, a power adapter anymore, like there used to be instead, you've got an USB to lightning cable.

Now. Some people are going to have a huge fit about this personally that's, not me. I've been an iPhone user for a long time.

And I've got a ton of power bricks lying around and not to mention. I would. Rather use the MagSafe wireless charging anyway. And really the only other thing in the box is just this little pack something about product red. We have a little sim ejector. And of course, what iPhone box would be complete without an apple sticker.

So the iPhone 12 definitely looks familiar, but it actually does have a pretty new design this year. I can really tell holding it in my hand that I'm absolutely going to like these flat edges, flat versus curved that's. What the difference looks like and. Actually it feels so much better to hold it's a lot more natural.

The white phone here is, of course, my old 11 pro so that's. Why it's got three cameras on the back instead of the two, but even the buttons have been redesigned and feel a little different. I know something everybody's wondering is whether it can stand up straight.

And the answer is, yes. It can, should you though let it stand on its own like as a tripod or something not recommended? Although this new screen does have a ceramic. Coating on it that supposedly makes it four times less likely to crack if you drop it now is that something I'm about to test for you guys right now, not a chance not with this review unit.

And just before I forget see this little thing right here. A lot of people saw pictures of this and speculated that maybe touch I'd had returned to the form of this sensor on the side or something. And I just have to break the news view. This is not a touch I'd enabled phone, which actually is fine with me. The only. Thing is now that we're in this pandemic.

It would be nice to be able to just scan my fingerprint and get into the phone while I'm wearing a mask, but I'm, very sure that apple was designing this long before this pandemic ever started. And so it's, just one of those things that's too bad. I really have to tell you compared to the old phone this new one, it really feels new, which is funny, because it also hardens back to the older iPhone, 4 and 5 with these pleasant, flat edges, it's probably hard to see here.

Too, but the screen is actually flat as well. Whereas on the old iPhones from last year, the screen that bevel, it was curved just a little, but let's be real. I mean, most people are going to slap a case on this.

Anyway, I'm going to because if you don't the rear glass here is actually super glossy, and it will show a lot of fingerprints. Look at that camera bump, though that is so much cooler than last year, it's, almost like a little translucent there. It seems to blend in a lot better all right. Well, I'm going to go ahead and get this set up. And by the time you guys come back it's going to be several minutes later all right.

So now that it's all set up you guys can notice the notch is still here. You probably already knew that by looking at the pictures at this point, though I just kind of ignore it, it doesn't even register. I like having face ID. So it doesn't really bother me one thing. That's. Great here is that we have a new OLED screen, which actually lets apple keep this the same size as the.

Iphone 11 and yet still helps to shrink these bezels. This is a really nice OLED screen it's. So pleasant that it faked me out, I almost thought that it was fake the icons on here. Look so good that it almost looks like a fake cardboard cutout or something that's. Insane, that's. Ridiculous.

I love how gorgeous this is. And of course, an OLED screen is just amazing anyway for the same reason that it's amazing when your TV has OLED, you get perfect blacks, which means individual pixels, get turned off it's, not. Just dimmed they're turned off, which aside from perfect blacks also makes the colors around those black pixels. Pop a lot more too, is it better than an LCD screen? Absolutely unquestionably. One thing the iPhone 12 doesn't have is a super high refresh rate when it comes to the screen it's, not 120 hertz, it's, not 90 hertz, it's, 60 hertz.

But you know what nobody cares right now, just a tiny fraction of people would actually care whether this is 120 or 90. Instead of just 60., iOS feels really, really fluid. Anyways before people start whining and complaining, you have to take everything into account battery life is affected by refresh rates, you know, like things like battery life because I mean, there are plenty of manufacturers out there who will throw a feature in just to say that they threw it in. But it doesn't have anything to do with the actual overall experience. I guarantee that the average person isn't going to sit there and say, man, I really made a mistake.

This doesn't have 120. The only thing. That's a little weird about it is that apple does put 120 hertz display on the iPad Pro and what's, even weirder than that is that they didn't even stick it in the pro iPhone, but whatever we'll dive more into this one in an upcoming video now, here's, what I'm really excited about with this particular screen. I can come into YouTube watching 4k HDR and that as I'm looking at it is surreal, honestly, it's so good. This is going to be an absolutely amazing device to watch high quality content on. Seriously, it's hard to convey, just how nice this looks how long have people been waiting for 4k YouTube on an iPhone.

And it is not disappointing. Not in the slightest. Okay? Well, let's talk a little about MagSafe let's, try out the actual MagSafe puck here is that what you call if it's, not hockey, but that's, what I'm going with, which comes impressively coiled like the snake.

I was just watching in HDR. And just if you're wondering, this is how long of a cord. You get that's, a decent amount of travel.

So USB on one side, and then the wireless puck on the other, I got a MacBook sitting over here. I'm going to get that plugged in. And here we go.

Wow, that snapped right on there. All right, let's. Look at that animation, one more time it snaps right on boom, charging now I'm excited about this. I mean, I'm really excited about this, because I have a wireless charger right by my bed. It charges. My Apple Watch charges my AirPods and wirelessly charges my iPhone, but it's always a pain to position. My phone.

Exactly in the right spot on that charger. So to be able to have a charging system, whether it's apples or third parties that can just charge and snap into place. And actually we didn't get the animation there for some reason. But it is charging that's just awesome it's. One of those little conveniences that's, really going to be meaningful in people's everyday life, and it's strong, to that's, not going anywhere.

And you know what the strength of the magnets and the accessories will change depending on. The application so if you're in the car, and you have some kind of charger or a mount that uses this MagSafe technology that could be a much stronger magnet in terms of the power than maybe what a different accessory is going to be by the way this thing's, 40 bucks. But you know what this allows you to do it allows you to charge at 15 watts.

And that makes a difference wireless charging on iPhones has been rather slow before. But with this, it makes the speed of charging your iPhone wirelessly. Actually pretty tolerable to the point where you could probably charge like 40 in an hour or so is what I've been hearing haven't tried it yet all right now. This is the product red MagSafe silicone case. So it's, pretty much perfect for this particular phone.

And yep, those go together pretty nicely. I would say, they're slightly different, but that's close enough. And actually you can see on the inside.

It has a little ring there were that MagSafe technology goes where it lives, and it's also nice and. Soft so it's, not going to scratch things up just like you've come to expect now I haven't tried this before, but this should be pretty magical right when I plug this in, it should automatically know which case even down to the color. I've just put on because of the MagSafe now, how's it able to do that.

Well, they've got some NFC built in so that the accessories can talk to the phone. So it knows the exact thing that you've just paired it with. And then, of course, I don't have it with me here, but there.

Are MagSafe accessories like a little wallet accessory that you can snap on here magnetically. And I think that's going to be really great if you want to get out and not have to take a separate wall anymore, basically, you can pay with Apple Pay, and then just keep your ID or things like that in your wallet. Then of course, if you lose your wallet or your phone, you've lost them. Both the case feels nice, definitely not too slippery. Because the clear apple case that thing gets slippery over time. And I've.

Actually ended up not really liking that there's just a little of a lip there. You know. So if you set this down it's not going to hurt the screen, although since this isn't, technically glass, and it's like part glass and part ceramic, you technically don't have to worry about the screen quite as much, and I'll tell you this. I never put a screen protector on, but there's, no way I'm putting one on this year for sure it's true in the past. I've ended up with a few micro scratches here and there. But I.

Really don't like screen protectors, and I'm waiting for the day. When phones are basically indestructible, and we're a little closer. Now, of course, the apple made MagSafe accessories are cool. But what's really exciting to me is to think about what kind of things third parties are going to dream up for this.

This is going to be a whole new ecosystem of stuff. The iPhone has always had the best accessories the most and the best. And that is only going to be more so the case in the future.

Now you know. Belkin's already made this fascinating, triple charger that lets you charge your phone, your AirPods and your Apple Watch all at the same time. But because of the MagSafe, you can actually rotate the phone.

So it can be landscape or horizontal. I mean, that's really cool, that's different noticeably than what you could do with an iPhone 11. Now what's this. I spy on the bottom here is that an USB port, no actually it's our old friend, the lightning port now what's apple doing coming out with MagSafe. Which is really cool, but keeping around this legacy port, the lightning port. Well, I guess on the one hand they're cutting down on waste right as soon as you stick a different port in here, all kinds of accessories that you probably already own quit working with your iPhone, which as convenient as USB would seem to be for me, you know, I've got USB on my Mac it'd be nice to just use the same thing to charge my phone and my Mac. Well, a lot of people would actually end up missing this port here and.

Here's the thing with MagSafe, I think it's safe to say that apple is probably moving towards a portlets future with this in a year or two or three. They can get rid of a port altogether while at the same time, making the iPhone actually waterproof, potentially not just resistant, but proof maybe ring ring ring. Hello. Who it is the future?

Oh, hey. Your name is 5g. Ah, this is a 5g phone, apple's, really pushing 5g here's. The thing 5g isn't widely rolled out yet on basically any network there's, just. Little pockets in some big cities where you can mostly use it, and even then you're not going to be using it.

All the time apple's built in some technology here, that's going to use 5g when necessary, but then jump off of using 5g when it's not totally necessary, I'm, not going to spend a lot of time talking about 5g in this video. What I'm just going to say is 5g is not the reason why I would actually upgrade to a new iPhone, it's, nice, it's, great. When it's actually usable in my area, I'm sure I'm. Going to love it in the way that I loved getting gig internet recently and would not want to be without it, but in the meantime I'm going to be all right, that's it for this video. I hope you guys liked it.

Stay tuned for lots of iPad. Air content, that's on the way for iPhone pro content, I'll be unboxing. This real soon and starting my review. I got a closet over here, full of iPhone 12 accessories. So I've got an accessories video coming. You have to hit subscribe if you're new around here, Don't, forget, you can connect with me on Instagram and Twitter I'm at daily tech spell daily teak in both of those places.

And I would love to hang out with you on our podcast, the daily tech after party where we talk about all kinds of things daily tech. Chris me behind the scenes, but lots of Apple news all right catch you guys in the next video later.

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