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  • 10-Apr-2022

We are studying and discussing hamlet by William Shakespeare. So William Shakespeare was English poet dramatist and also called the national poet and also considered to be the greatest dramatist of his time. So in hamlet, these are the important characters that we are to discuss.

Uh, first we have king like the prince hamlet, the son of king hamlet, the ghost is his father and hamlet is his son and queen. Great root is his mother who also marries, uh, Claudius, who is also the brother of king hamlet. Who is now dead when the play opens, uh, Polonius is, uh like advisor to Claudius and also father of Ophelia, who is beloved of hamlet.

Later is the brother of Ophelia Horatio is a trusted friend of hamlet, yo rick's skull plays a vital role, uh, we'll, discuss it and uh, like Rosencrantz and uh, gildistrand. These are uh childhood friends of hamlet. But also they are spies, so they're working as spies as well. So if you have, uh like, uh, like we were discussing Macbeth, and now we're discussing hamlet. So if you. Go through the Indian movies based on these. So heather is based on hamlet and makeup is based on Macbeth and Omar is based on Othello.

So these will help you understand the plot and story of Shakespearean plays. And also we discussed Angus, which was a comedy movie, uh, uh of an old comedy movie that was based on Shakespearean play the comedy of errors. So a resemblance in that ghost and uh in king, hamlet, prince hamlet. So this is very startling for him. And he uh like uh, like he's, terrified to see it. And then he goes to call hamlet foreign.

He feels this is, uh, very. Um. This ominous presence is all, uh, definitely of his father. And the spirit tells that it was murder by Claudius his own brother. And meanwhile, it is time of dawn and the ghosts disappear. So this is also the use of supernatural elements in hamlet, the prince hamlet could devour.

He also undergoes some kind of madness, which is called feigned madness, he's, not mad. But he's portrays to be mad. This highlight Claudius get rid of their. Worried he is struck a behavior, and why is he uh posing, or why is he being mad? But he achieved they are quite worried on his condition. Now what happens then hamlet? While visiting a place a graveyard is like a famous symbol beer.

He comes across a skull, which is seen everywhere in the slide because it has very important role here. So skulker like his skull, basically is uh of his, uh, his own father's disease. Meanwhile, a group of traveling actors or hamlet, he gets an idea to tackle his uncle and to.

See whether he is guilty or not, he knows that ghost nurse is guilty, but still delaying tactics. And he wants to check the reaction of uh Claudius is, and he finds a better chance. Add killed Claudius here. He would be, or he could be the king or both sorry, she's never told you. I think he could have married Ophelia or Hercules.

But this is his Yamashina, his delaying cactus Yokosuka. So he feels if he kills Claudius while he is praying soul, heaven media again. This is what hamlet doesn't want. So he wants. Him to suffer in hell.

Hamlet is Cisco, uh, postponed content wants to find some other better chance. Claudius' madness. Hamlet on the other hand feels that this must be Claudius who's, hiding himself. And which later on he comes from. Okay.

This was his uh would be father-in-law. Uh, prince has returned to Denmark after pirates attacked his ship and route to England so Claudius and where the funeral is taking place for vaabiowski. Uh later, said, afterwards, uh, he tells Horatio that he believes, uh that one.

Must be prepared to die foreign. So that is a symbol where which is ultimately prepared for everyone. The mousetrap is a symbol to get the basic truth from Claudius, which is prepared for the sinners or wrongdoers. There are certain themes. Madness is the theme which is faint. Mortality is a theme.

Okay. Everyone has to die. Ultimately, religion is team.

A religion may save the souls just give us Claudius praying art and culture. Let's say, they are quite meaningful, uh and his drawn out. Revenge. Plans just.

Planning so these are his strengths, weaknesses, he's moody. And at the same time he is pending or delaying things. So he is the son of queen Gertrude and king hamlet and his nephew of the present king and also stepson Claudius king of Denmark. He is antagonist of the play and the villain he is, uh, an ambitious politician, Claudia, Siri, uh, Gertrude both let's say, uh, Lincoln.

She is shallow and weak because uh of uh like moral attitude towards truth later. Here is his son, Clinton's, son, affiliate, he's, a. Young man at the time, but he's passionate enough to take uh to take revenge from hamlet, uh, Ophelia is a beautiful young woman, okay, hamlet.

But I just say, Ophelia is sweet. Innocent girl you is dependent on man to tell how to behave. So this is the fragility of our character, uh, or she gives in to plans enough. She remains mainly singing songs about flowers and finally, drowning in the river flowers symbol, Horatio. Trusted friends. These are the famous coats from hamlet from his different silly. Lock.

Fees, these are his uh, four silly lock fits, which are like very important out of seven. So in act one scene, two hamlets has his first silly. Look. He very he expresses feeling about his father's death and his mother's quick marriage. He states that he is so upset that he would end up his life if it were not a crime against god to do. So, and he also expresses anger towards his mother, and he calls all women, weak, uh, like, uh, frailty.

Thy name is women. This is also an significant serious week. Uh, it after. Actors performed the monologue about pre-m and hack Cuba so pm and Aruba. They were the king and queen of troy. So he discusses them hamlet has his own cylinder.

Then in this he expresses, uh, the fact that he's upset with himself for not taking uh action till yet to avenge his father's death. He commenced on the fact that the actor is able to cry over Aruba, uh, someone he doesn't, even know, but he has not done anything to avenge his own father's death. Ultimately, then he contemplates life and death. And is famous to be and not to be silly. He contemplates whether it is better to live in the world with all the pain suffering rudeness or sadness or end one's life.

He talks about death as long sleep. Furthermore, he also says that people no don't choose death, because it is unknown. What happens when one dies? We don't know he states that people are afraid of unknowns and then uh, Claudius says, a silly lock wick. When he tries to pray produce admits that he killed his brother, the former king and hamlet's listens to. It finally, uh, hamlet has his final silly. Look we.

And in this hamlet comments on the fact that 14 has put an army together to fight and get a small piece of land. Hamlet is again, upset with himself for not taking action to avenge his father's murder. He can't believe that Fortinbras has spent so much time and energy to gain a small piece of land, and he has not done anything to avenge his father, but I have not been able to avenge my father. So this was from hamlet by William Shakespeare.

Another very. Potential play to his credit. And one of the most famous players written by William Shakespeare.

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