Nraas Tutorial #3: Introduction To Register

  • 18-Apr-2022

Hello everyone, this is just from Nova Park. And today we're going to talk about register. Oh I thought, I was sounding a little too rigid in my other two videos. So for this one I decided to go a little more casual with my explanations, I'm, sorry, if it sounds like I'm rambling at points, we'll just see how it goes if this isn't this doesn't work out then I'll go back to the other format anyway, to the subject at hand of all in wrasses mods I think register might be one of my very favorites. The reason. Being is because you know with the advent of expansions like World, Adventures and late nights and seasons. We just got all these jobs, just all these awesome, lots and lots that we could mess around with and have people there working and stuff like that.

And oh, that does make everything feel like a living neighborhood like, you know, like we want at the same time. It just adds a lot of extra processing tasks to the game. And if you're already having trouble with lag, or it's a very big world, and you know, It's just not going to last that just adds extra stress, especially the save itself. So register is your hero for this kind of thing.

Basically, it allows you to disable positions, entirely see what registers are unattended and add sims to them and disable, enable immigration for into town for that purpose, entirely I'd love to do like a really in-depth video of this, but I think for now, this overview of what the settings are should be enough. I mean, it'll at least give you an idea what you can. Play with so when I open up the menu here, we've got the first option, which is allowed to disallow immigration. And this simply turns off all randomly generated sims for job roles.

It will not turn it off for every single service, sim your service list will still fill up for some reason or another I haven't figured out a mod that gets rid of that. If somebody knows as a word of warning, though, if you don't have, you sent town, sims enabled or sign someone or there's, no free sim, you know to fill that role. Then the game will sometimes try to still force immigration, depending on what role it is I, find it to be the biggest problem with the robot shop, which I don't use very often. So you know, whatever, but that one's, particularly glitch, alright. So the next setting is allowed disallow resident assignment. And that basically is can they pull from your custom or I?

Guess? If you use like the sims in an EI world, can it hold those sims from the town population to fill register roles I like using this?. Setting in just free place, because it really who cares nobody's going to see you like half my population, who cares if a custom are standing at registers.

And if you have, this enabled then there's another option that pops up that says, find empty roles and that'll help. You find what registers are there. It won't show up on this menu because I don't have an immigration disabled.

Alright. So animal clip, trolls animal controls the next one. It is fantastic I.

Use it to set all the pet immigration to. Zero, I, don't, even use the unicorn that's. Why you've never seen a unicorn in any of my screenshots or the ponies it's, you know, I love, animals, I'm a big animal person, but it's just extra processes that are just not needed. So if I want my son to have a pet I, give them a pet. If I want my townie to have a pet I, give them a pet and I, especially don't like ponies wandering around in my city world. Anyway, disabled tourist, world's, essentially what world's you'll allow tourists to visit from so Egypt China. I, usually save all of them paper.

Our paper roll, both of these just manage how much your register. People should be paid for our service services settings for service, roles like hat. What age groups are allowed to take those jobs.

And if you allow like palm box to have a job, hi I, love using coconuts for register jobs, but they're a little glitchy. So I, don't, really advise it. Now I'm going to do some testing on that later, I'll get back to people if anybody's interested hit me up, oh, let, you know how my. Testing goes, and then we've got show debugging show a lot menu and show notices I, don't, typically mess with these much honestly so I, don't know what the first to do specifically I'll look into it before I do the tutorial about them, but show notices basically shows what lot what positions are open like if it's just like if somebody died that was in a position, it'll pop up, or if the season changes, and you have like seasonally, changing registers it'll, pop up for that I find it obnoxious. So I.

Turn it off, but police for some Saints, especially if I'm like recording all right. And the final option on hair is tourists. This disables enables our set specific number of tourists. You will allow in your world at any given time. The default is 10, which is just insane.

If you ask me, but it's still lower than what the default a options. Do I, don't know how much it is, but I know that when I have set up things, new save files and not mess with the tourist settings at all and not had a Rawson it's? Just been like 40 sins, almost right away, which is bonkers anyway, I'm an extremist. So I set everything to zero, unless like I have spent a lot of time customizing those worlds and I want. Those people come visit me so like or whatever I, just like everything else that everything to zero.

So that's, just a quick overview of register. Next time. We'll take a closer, look at job assignment and disabling roles and how to actually use it in the meantime, let me know if you have any questions via the comments.

Here or on Tumblr fast, saving and happy swimming. I. Guess?

Bye you.

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