Lg 24Mk600M 75Hz & 5Ms Monitor Review

  • 21-Mar-2022

Hey, everyone technique you what we're going to review today is LG to 4mk 600 monitors. Now, this is an IPS panel with a 75 hurt refresh rate and a 5 millisecond response time greater gray. Now, with those stats that sounds like a gaming monitor, right and that's. One thing I learned with this monitor is don't. Judge you monitor by its box. I guess, um I don't know, me personally when I search for monitors, um I got a bad habit of typing in gaming monitor, right? And these have stats of some other gaming.

Monitors that we've reviewed before right, 75 her 5 millisecond, I mean, it tops right there with some other ones with the title of game art. It kind of brings me back to that like gaming chair. You know what I mean. So anyway, don't judge monitor by its box again, when you're searching for your monitors, don't just type in gaming monitor, I mean, look at all and kind of break it down more or less by the specs. You want like a 5-millisecond response or say, like I, said, on your 44 hurt or 75 Hertz. Or whatever it may be break it down like that don't just break it down by gaming monitor.

Anyway, let's, pop it open and see what you got. Alright. Now, let's see everything we get in the box. First and foremost, we get the monitor and get an external power brick. You have your stand right here then the arm. And this is a cover that's going to go over it.

Once we get it all attached. It comes with your screws to mount the arm to the base. Then you also get an HDMI in this box with your drivers. Quick start guide. And your registration. Now one thing here, real quick in the Quick-start guide, where is it right here? No, you guys can't, see this on the camera.

But it says that comes with a VGA cable right here. It tells you all the accessories that come in with it there and mine did not so anyway, I got on LG's website and took a look, and they state that it does not come on there. So I, don't know, kind of confusing here. It says, it does on the website. It says it doesn't I would never use it. Anyway.

So it doesn't really. Matter to me, but if is you needed one just let, you know, it doesn't come with it according to their website. So let's, take a look at the back of the monitor.

First we have our stand mount here. Let me have our power button down here. This is awesome, a little joystick to navigate through the menus, which we'll do later, but that's, what I will be now getting with once we're doing that if VGA input here, you have two HDMI input. This is really nice, especially for console users. You have a headphone input. What you can control the volume with in the menu as well as we'll talk about later and then your power source right here.

Now these down here might look like little speakers, but there are not any built-in speakers in this guy. I'm really pleasant stand by the way all this down. Here is metal the entire thing down here is metal. Now the case on the outside is plastic, but this is all metal a little rubber foot right there as well. So pleasant, nice, sturdy stand. Now where I say you have to be on the side of the.

Table to make this easier is it connects in through here, like that like most of them kind of I, don't know, go in through the bottom and up right? But this guy is going to connect on and slide down like that. And then you have to screw that on there.

And then our backplate will just simply attach. Now one thing I forgot to mention as you can see right there in the four holes right around the label on the back. It is vase a mountable. So if you want that it does vase amount all right, so we're all put. Together, and let me tell you what I love the way this looks you just have this little tiny bezel down here, small LG, low. Nothing, really, you know out of the way or anything enough here, if you have that zero frameless to borderless right now, the black does go on the screen for your screens not edge to edge. Yeah, but just a little smidgen, right there, and you'll see once we turn it on, but I, really like it right here.

Nice, a simple basic stand. And again, the front looks very modern, really nice. Let me. Show you the back, yeah, like I said, you see, it looks kind of know you got like that little box where it looks like it's kind of 3d coming out at you really pleasant. Now, it may look big when you're looking at like that, but let's take a look at the side.

It is super thin guys like really, really thin. Now you do have tilts back. And that is max tilt back. And then we get tilted forward. And that is max tilt forward, no side-to-side or anything. Now it's only 24 inches, and it's, pretty small. And you can just lift.

It up it's, not too heavy. You can lift it up and just move it. If you like, but again, really, really pleasant design. Then I love.

The borderless it just looks simple like I said before you have those like gamer stats, you know, but it doesn't look like a gamer monitor, which in my opinion I like, you know, you don't have these crazy stands, or you know, this red everywhere, I mean, I love the black and red, but you know what I mean some people don't, you know and I really like that about this. Alright? So now let's. Go ahead and talk some settings. And again, all this is going to be controlled by the little joystick. We show down at the bottom. So first press it in we're going to tap over to settings.

First, you can have quick settings where you can adjust your brightness, contrast volume. And again, the volume will adjust it with your headphone connected into the back or your speakers connected into the back. Then you can have your input where, of course you can pick it. You got HDMI one two so on and so forth. And. Then over here, you have picture, which you have picture mode, which would be custom reader photo, cinema, color, weakness and game and there's also a quick setting in this one. You just first press the little button on the bottom.

You can switch over to that. So what are we on here? I don't even know, we're on custom. Then you have picture adjust where you can again, adjust all that stuff that you could do in the DID quick settings up there to sharpness super resolution, we'll just kind of sharpen and. Smooth things out a little, you got black level, and then your DFC game, adjust which will be free sync. Your response time, which again is five milliseconds your black stabilizer. And then they cross here, which you'll put in the middle of the screen.

So you can cheat during your game. You have color, adjust which again, once you get into your custom mode. You can adjust all that stuff. If you please I don't like messing with any of that, then you can't really see it reset everything back to factory. Now. So while we're talking about settings, a lot of LG monitors do this, you have the on-screen display, which is a little app, you can download, and you can go right on your computer right here and adjust the settings from your brightness, contrast, free sync this than the other all within a click of the button right here so pops up right on your screen. So your app go navigate through the know, control thing down there.

You just pop it right up on your screen, really nice and convenient. And also as far. As settings don't, forget to go into your advanced display settings within windows and set your monitor to this 75 her, because out of the box you're going to be set on sixty I believe Matthew might put it down a 59. So make sure you go in there and set it to that 75 so talking again, compared to this compared to like a gaming monitor that might be something that varies a little like gaming monitors. You get all sorts of gaming options. Right?

You got game over one two, three, four racing fps, this than. The other which I think is all just mumbo-jumbo focus I, never even use any of those right I go in and set my settings to help my eyes like the wait look. I mean, yours is going to be completely different in mine and completely different from his and hers.

You know what it means, so I don't like using any of those presets I kind of like going in there and set my own custom. And speaking of that set my own custom out-of-the-box. This thing looked like garbage, right? It looked absolutely horrible. It would be. A pre-setting, so I had to go in there and really finagle with the settings, you know, I, adjust the brightness contrast and the other.

But let me tell you what once I adjust those settings and got them again to take the way I like the way it looks. It looked absolutely stunning. I mean, the colors were solid and vibrant. I mean, they looked absolutely gorgeous I'm telling you guys, I mean, they were just truly solid colors, I, love, the way it looked so let's get serious here for a minute. And this parts.

Are going to be a little hard for me right? You don't know, I, love LG monitors. I mean, my main squeeze is a 1440p on your 4432 inch, LG gaming, monitor, absolutely love that thing I've done a review on it check it out. If you want I put my name all over that monitor, it is an absolute gem. But anyway, I've tested, many LG monitors, and I've loved them. All I've honestly, stuck with LG I do LG and Acer pretty much, but LG has always been my go-to.

So this kind of hurts me to say, I, am NOT happy with this guy and. You guys will not be able to see this on the screen, but you see the pix elation kind of it's so mild. It is incredibly mild like I was testing out some games from battlefield apex and stuff. And you can't see it during that, obviously, because you kind of focused on the gaming what's going on right. But when I started browsing or just looking through the web and stuff I started seeing it so bad. And yes, as I showed you before I haven't said, on the 1080p HDMI with the 75 Hertz this to any.

Other so my settings are set right now again. This is so minor it's, not like a smack in the face like god, gee, you know what I mean, but it's there and to me, it's noticeable. But again, it's, not you don't notice that much in your games, but whenever you're browsing this stuff, you really notice it in like the Blues. You see these vague little lines, and then I had my setting everything. So, but again, when you got those blue, you saw the pixel lines right there. And it just got so annoying to me, it's. Just I couldn't use it like I just couldn't.

It got that annoying again, I went in here. Adjusted all the colors. And after started seeing that I said, well, let me check somebody's presets out, maybe it's, just the way I have a set right. So I went into some presets.

And it was still there again, where I see it the most is within blues. So it's, not like the entire monitor like if you guys have seen any sort of waviness here, right now it's because the frame rate of my camera with the frame rate of. The screen and this that and the other all are trying to your know, communicate together.

So if you're seeing anything funky on the camera that's, not what you're what the monitor looks like again, it's, not like you can't, just like look at it right away and bam, you're going to see it and I don't sit, very close to my monitor it's about too good. You know, four feet or so away from me if not a little more, you know, what I mean and again, it's, right in those blues that it really hit you. So I, don't know if.

We want to kind of say, hey, did I get a dud I, don't know, every other LG modern I've tested has been an absolute gem, I've never noticed anything like this. Even on lower end, LG monitors, I've never noticed anything this. So maybe I should just lean towards. Hey, I got a dud I'm, not really that person that's like, oh, hey, let me return it and try it again. You know what? I mean, it's like okay, I, buy it.

It should be a pretty solid product. You know, I'm I, don't know, possibly I should give him a second chance you. Know, I'm not giving up on LG, but I am giving up on this monitor. This monitor will be going back because that's just I can't deal with it. Again, possibly I got a dud.

This monitor is absolutely gorgeous. I love. The design I love, the style that the colors are just stinking superb. I mean, they are awesome, but that pix elation where I see the pixel lines in there is unbearable now I'm telling you everything inside me wanted to love this monitor, again, I love LG monitors. So don't think I'm, just like, you know, Bashing and trashing him here, right, I think this modern retails for 169, always on sale for 151 45-ish, always I, picked it up for 130.

So I mean, it was an absolute steal, I mean, it comes in a 27-inch and a 20-inch too I believe, but I got 224. And again, I thought it was such a deal. Anyway, that's, really it for this LG 2 for MK 600. It breaks my heart to have to say it about it as you again, let's hope that I just got a dud, but like I always say, I'm going to be straight-up honest with you guys with whatever. Product I get and that's what I got but anyway. Thank you so much for watching us one if you like to hit that thumbs up and don't, forget to subscribe for some future.

Tech videos, hey, I hope to catch you the next one bye. Now, hey, still love. You still love. You.

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