Let's Play Devil May Cry | Episode 5

  • 21-Mar-2022

What's up everyone. Welcome back to Devil May Cry. This is episode five.

And this is mission, 9 we're, starting on, and I found out there is a trophy for hitting all these level, ups, so I'm going to attempt that. But it said, it was pretty rare, so I'm. Assuming you won't get enough orbs to do it, maybe sorry, hiccup. So yeah, let's start mission 9. We have our grenade launcher here. So, okay, don't know what the point in that was trying to break stuff. So I can get more orbs.

Okay, you can't break any of this stuff. Can I read this there's a message carved in the stone? It seems to be a story of some kind destiny awaits somewhere deep in the Coliseum. Okay.

Let's go down. This winding staircase shall we I kind of want that green orb up there? I? Remember this place kicking their butts give me all these orbs. Let me up here and what's over here. Yellow orb I will take it now what's in here, there's an emblem of a shield on the door that glows with a red light, I hate when I think the sentence is over, but then it is like. Slowly does more of a sentence like it glows with red light.

This one glows with blue light, blue lights, bad for your eyes. People just trying to see if there's anything else that where I came in don't think. So just like randomly exploring now because I, don't know where to go, but we're going to figure it out more orbs.

Okay, that should help with something. Oh, my gosh, I think, I, remember being annoyed by this part because it's really hard to judge like where you can jump anywhere, you can't jump, because of the. The viewpoint, what is this devil star crystal with magical powers? It will recover five Devil, Trigger, gauges I'll never use my Devil Trigger, I, don't, really even know how I did it a couple of times on accident, but maybe I'll just like spam buttons doing my next battle and get it since there was a devil trigger thing over there.

Okay, I was I knew there would be something over here. Another yellow, orb nice. Sorry, I had a sniffle, a awful. One I, didn't want to be in the video so set it to mutant duel. Sniff-Sniff see can you see how this would be annoying?

Getting really lucky did really poorly on this last time? If I remember correctly there's an inscription on the base. My name is Fit. The fool who awakens me she'll pay dearly with the fires of hell. If real wake up, what is this power I'm? Assuming he tried to hurt me, but like just made me more powerful if for a flaming gauntlet that gives the possessor increased powers.

Nice, I, didn't need to do that. But I really I was going to try to try out if. For it do I have to like to equip it for it. How do you use it? Then, oh, you punch instead of user sword. Okay, flock off feather face, or you can stick around and find out the hard way why's. Why is he such a douche I like this gun, though it seemed to work pretty well on this guy.

It ain't broke to don't, fix it. As they say this gun is like doing work on him haha that was too easy. My bird friend did he die or fly off? Okay, that's where I came in I. Can't remember words are carved here, a pair of what. Shields probably I'm going to guess that says shields, um did I get anything for beating him any kind of no okay. So what's the deal here.

Did he go back this way and I have to go fight him again? Let me go see let's check it out. Now shall we drop a lot of orbs? I saw them die.

Mono, yeah. All these orbs are nice I'm, not going for the Platinum by any means, but any trophies I can get I like to go ahead and get. Oh my gosh.

These guys are whooping my butt. Yeah, I want to use these Thanks are these guys just. Unlimited, oh, my gosh, okay, they're all dead. Now what just got a bunch of orbs was there something else up here that I didn't do don't think so yeah, there's. Nothing else in here.

It's a good way to a farm orbs, though I must say more of them. Now I'll take these, oh is that a door I can go in my trailer there after I get these orbs, oh, my gosh, just leave me alone, too many of you douche bags and steal from the other side. Great what's, this holy water, a good place to kill these guys. These guys just.

Unlimited stop getting up the big one. Now, oh my gosh there now I can think that was a ridiculous have a lot of herbs. Now though, okay, so are there any extra doors in here like right here beneath it. The shield that little lead to the battleground, okay, so where the Helen I don't have any of these shields? Okay, no I'm. Not doing this. A freaking than, leave me alone.

F off thing. Okay, just want to do a run-through what's in here. Well, I can level up Fit to you.

Okay. Did I level, a different guy? Okay. Well, I did a little I should have bought I should have bought a vitality store looks like I have to call these guys, maybe what's up here. I'll, take it. They want me to punch this open. Why is that red let's read this or shoot it?

Whatever? Why is not reading it? Okay. Thank you. Look.

What is this devil star? Okay, I'll. Take this to you then go back in there and buy some vitality.

Stars. Nope did not want to get out of it vital star. Sorry, I don't, even have enough.

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. You got to. Be something else in here at all that was in here, surely not I'm, not a fan of like infinitely random spawning enemies like in games in general, not just this game still don't have enough for a vital star, but that's. Okay, I. Go there.

Okay. So there's. An opening is there another opening over here or is that the opening I came in what was the point in this now they're all back again, see this is stupid. This is what I don't like how do you open a red DF to have enough? Oh, yeah, red door is an orb door.

Isn't it, how many orbs do I need to get into this one, 200? Okay. So no wonder they are infinitely spawning. And so you can farm. Orbs mission clear 22 minutes that took me a little longer than normal bird of prey. Nice, I, love, trophies, see rank, I, don't, blame them because I took a while, but save all the way over here. Alright, guys.

I'm going to end this episode here, be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe, and I will see you guys on the next one bye.

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