Lesson 6/Nan And Nani Difference/Minna No Nihongo

  • 21-Mar-2022

Hi, Om, Okay, So, in dash, magnolia hanging out Along, ABA, Anti, Friends, winning question, Western, wear child, Kielbasi, rice, Made, Friends about Okay. So RNA Ma'am proposed to you nenangga, Hamid car arrangement IIF Banter next worth. It milks knows then doctor, dadidudedo ketone non6 brought in the afternoon, Wei Nan, desk. Key, Nan shop. Good volt. Rule am Hi If Canon in x-none. Please Desk name give no pain.

AMV alkene n. This house, NATO, I, Mask Nam to Set enough for us. Solo Amalia Then now, Toyota In nova, London. This three, automatic Karin, Anaheim denying now say goodbye to the cecum in the afternoon, Cologne base, Nani, Desk, Courtney, noon, Desk menubar round should be no OK solder fungus. Second negotiation is When. It is followed by a country appeal.

Nannie, Howl, kanji, What time. Nam bang What. Number Nairobi is white. Day 6 Gansu is what is this a beach? I? Am interrogation your attitude. So you are with username Italy.

The mic number is spoken. Sing's ambition is if it is preceded by avoiding wealth, Nani, OXY, Mask What. Do you do Okay? So today, sumac shop. And money for shield call Dino number one, IMA, Brazil, Desk, not signore Takashi, dented, NASA, God, Okay, IMA, Nazi, Health and mental desk and interrogative number is CSO Nan money, You bi desk.

So Tanaina, bigots, k16ru, More, Wei, Nan, Nazi, Nazi, Dasha, Annika, due, More, Wei, Nan, desk. Key, WI love D, You, don't know, the data, dong Asia, OSI, Mask's. Number Yes, Ishaan, Nah in, Ho, Nova, dose.

Number five, Anita, Wei, Nazi, Said, Okay, Syria, interrogative by.

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