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  • 18-Apr-2022

Hello, hello, reliable. Friends, Welcome to the champ. Andaman channel, Hi OK, We will discuss the verbal test on the Academic Potential Test, Given the first question that penetrates hi, the words, addiction, hi okay, We will discuss directly to answer this question, You must know, the meaning of the word addiction, Hey, don't, be fooled by the answer choices. AA, Hey, DEC and e, Hi. All three have Hi sounds similar to the word in this question Hi. But as previously stated in this question, what you're.

Looking for are synonyms, namely similarities in meaning, not sound similarities. Hi brother himself comes from an English loan word, which means addiction from an English word. Add caption, add HAI means addiction, Hi Can also be addicted and dependent Hi.

So the correct synonym for the word sister is clear here, B sap, Jihad for other answers, For example, like this reaction means a response Hi, then Fiction it's. A fantasy later, Hi affix AS is a noun. Hi. Okay, let's go to question. Number two, it's, still. The same about synonyms, the word Tangs, okay, let's, discuss almost the same as the previous question.

To answer. This question, you have to know the true, meaning of the word Tangs. Don't, be fooled by the answer choices. AA HAI then beach, jet Hi, which has almost the same sound.

Hi it's just a trap. Moreover, Don't choose the words Hi, logistics, HAI, nah Tangs has meaning in the . This dormitory, which is relevant, is answer choice.

B. This is Barack HAI. So the synonym of the word Tangs is choice. The answer at the barracks Hi Because for other films, Like. For example, this sanction is a punishment.

Then the tank is pushed aside or dispelled. It can also Hi, Agile is fast, Then, if the logistics are supplies, Hi, Okay, let's go to the questions Next, This goes to the antonyms given the questions-Hi, flexible, okay, let's, discuss it to answer the question In. This case, you must know the meaning of the word flexible, itself, don't, forget that what is asked in the question is an antonym, which means. The opposite meaning, not a few test takers answered incorrectly because they chose the same meaning or synonym.

Ok, flexible has the meaning Hi, namely, flexible Hi or broad Hi. So it's, an antonym or the opposite of the meaning of the word flexible from the choice of answers, It is clear that for example, flexible or broad. The antonym is Hi eko-3 in the antonym of the word flexible is EFB packed, The next question is still about antonyms given the abstract word. The antonym is okay, We will. Discuss it almost the same as the question earlier, to answer this question, you must know the true meaning of abstract words, One of us is important to learn foreign words or breakfast, it's, a good idea to also study literary languages that are rarely used Beau. E, there are not a few questions that come out of.

The, see, source, s. back to the discussion of meaning from abstract is Hi Shapeless or intangible. Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi so Don't, choose HAI Deny foreign Hi, because it means weird then jazzy. It means. First Hi because obviously it's wrong. The probability is ab or c Well for this one.

It is a synonym of abstract, which means it's intangible. If it belongs to It's also wrong, now, it's narrowed down to only two answer choices original or concrete original means Hi, no Hi or fake Hi or not original Hi. So the opposite meaning of Hi abstract is this answer choice, C concrete, which means tangible Hi or Hi, It turns out that for the antonym of the abstract word is concrete C, We go to the next. Question, regarding, the analogy test. Now, an analogy like this is given, hi, flying bird, fish,, dots, to answer this question, You must be able to make an analogy or be able to move and match the correct word relationships between the segments.

On the left and right, for example, like this hurry. NG moves by flying while the fish move in this way, well, This is a former swimming, So from here, it can be seen that the correct word relationship equivalent is a bird that flies, a fish swims, So the. Answer is a hi, okay, go to the next question, it's still about the analogy test, given a question like this Hi, accomplished dots = salty, salt, Hi, the same as the previous problem to find the right analogy or word relationship equivalent. You can string the equivalent relationship of these words between the left and right sides to be the same. For example, like this we taste salt, then our tongue will taste very salty Hi. While when we bite the chili, the taste, we feel is HAI, spicy, Hi, So. The right.

Analogy for this question is if salt is salty chili is spicy. So the correct answer is d, HAI, spicy Okay. Now we go to the word grouping test given a question like this Where is the word that is not a group. Okay, let's, go right away. The key to answering word development questions is that you must first look for groups or categories.

What is meant by choices, CaCO3 and E can be categorized or grouped in the same cell, namely, something that is bodily Hi, While answer choice, B Hi, This hymn is not. Included in the word group like the other words, So the word that is not included in the group is B, Hi, spiritual. Ok, let's, go to the next question, it's still about the word grouping test, given a question like this, which word is not in the same group as the previous question. To find out about word grouping, You have to look for the roof group first. Or category. What is meant by answer choices, A Hi, a Hi C AT&T can be grouped into types of land. Transportation, Hi, while Hi plane is an air.

Transportation tool, so it's clear, the word that doesn't belong to the group is airplane. Ok, let's get into the question of understanding Wei the advice given by HAI regarding the quote of a paragraph like this Hi us coffee two viruses continue to spread and have mutated. Currently, there are 11 clothes observed by the World Health Organization or Who, One of which is the Delta variant, which was first discovered in India in December 2020, The Delta HAI variant becomes the variant that is most easily. Transmitted and dominates most cases in various countries, including India, the United States and the UK, Now, the question is, the main sentence of the paragraph is A, Hi, Okay, let's, discuss Hi, Now the key to working on discourse comprehension problems is to understand and read the text the fast way Hi. This ability it doesn't just come, but requires serious and regular practice, OK, let's get back to the issue.

Now to answer that question, You have to understand what the main sentence is. Hi, The. Main sentence is a general sentence that is supported by an explanatory sentence., Well, it's, usually in the first sentence at the beginning of the paragraph, So the answer is the right one at is HAI in the SARS coffee2 virus continues to spread and has mutated, Now this is reinforced by explanatory sentences after this sentence, currently there are 11 variants.

Then one of them is the Delta variant, Then it is explained that the Delta variant is the most contagious and dominates. So the correct. Answer is the answer choice, B, the SARS covert, two virus continues to spread and has mutated.

Okay, let's go to the last question, it's still about the facial understanding test. When you're, given a question like this, read the following excerpt, And the question that is meant by sine in the paragraph is Hi, How do you answer this question?? Or the key is to enrich your vocabulary or vocabulary., You can improve your skills by diligently reading newspapers, magazines or journals.

It is not. Difficult nowadays to improve literacy skills because information can be easily accessed via the internet or social media. When it comes to sine, according to BBI, the meaning of the word, hi sinus is ROM Gar, So the correct answer choice is bro, No.

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