I Spent 24 Hours In A Doomsday Bunker

  • 18-Apr-2022

Dozens of missile silos were built in the 1950s, and they were made to withstand a nuclear strike. But after being abandoned in the 60s, this one has been transformed into a 14-story, luxury underground bunker, complete with a pool garden movie theater. And so much more with the purpose of giving people a cool place to stay.

If you know, the world ended, and we're going to spend 24 hours here. And this is how you get in look how thick this is, you couldn't break into this. If you had a thousand years once. We step inside and shut that door, we're stuck for 24 hours.

Okay, darn gee come on in boys. The door's now closing guys that's a 16 000 pound door that just closed 24 hours starts now let's go door. Number two, there's, another door. This place is so secure it's crazy got it? Oh, my goodness.

Look at this door, that's, another, thick, door, okay, here's another door. And this is the fourth door that we've had to go through chandler I'll. Let you do it.

Oh, wow. I don't know, it's a secret combo on the other side of. This steel bolted vault door is a pool, which only makes sense. Yo, whoa. Hello. We should throw Chris in the water.

Oh, totally let's. Do it? Okay? I'm going to go. Yeah, yep, I'm.

Locking. You guys in now I don't have to wash my clothes. This elevator goes 14. Stories, deep underground, whoa. That was very obvious. Come on in here is all the floors security and zipping.

Whoa. Look at that that's. Incredible. You can see everything going on here. This is crazy. Everything in this area is monitored 24 7 with top of the line. Surveillance as you can see, Chris is getting in the elevator.

I bet you he fortnight dances. He toured up here, we're going to go to floor number, four, whoa. So this is where they store all the food at this is 47 servings of apples. Now let's talk about how we're in a store. Look at this underground.

This is an underground fish market there's like multiple stories on this story. How does this work? Whoa, oh, holy crap. To is this real. This is where they grow plants for the entire bunker.

They literally grow. Everything here, and this is Dustin he's going to answer our questions? Why are we growing all this? If you were to be locked out from the outside world, you're going to need to grow your own plants, and you're going to be self-sustained, they grow the fish, and they use the waste and the fish to grow the plants, and they use the plants to grow the food for the fish crazy, how they have this self-sustaining way to grow food and do all this stuff for people. This is nuts. Do you guys have any more questions?

Do. Fish get thirsty we're going to move on come on let's go now we're going to go to the 14th floor and work our way up. Wow, oh, dude. It feels like we're walking into a theater.

Whoa. I'd say we probably have to watch the b movie, the b movie. It is your like jazz. Sorry about that detour. We're back this.

Next one, instead of the elevator we're going to take the stairs. Why for fun, we should walk all the way to the top. Oh, god is this floor. 13.

This is floor. 13 is this the gym let's get our gains boys. This workout. Room is great, because if you're stuck in this bunker for an extended period of time like 10 years, you're going to want to stay fit, what are you doing? Chris, I'm getting fit? Oh, yeah and attached to the weight room, there's, a sauna, see? You guys later, bye.

So Chris, how does this feel? I wonder what the owners of the bunker think of us right now, they're, probably watching us on the camera going look at those idiots. Just stop it. What floor is this?

Oh, this is the education place. Wait really get. Out go wait. This is the school were they drawing the schematics of the bunker.

This is classified information project. You can't even say it, oh, a library there's. So many books in here, not really the sarcasm we're about to play a game of pool, but let's make it fun. How about we all bet two thousand dollars? Whoever wins gets six thousand dollars all right? Okay? I did that, so we're splitting them into three we're, not going to bore you with it.

See you at the end that's the ball game. Thank you. Sir I'll. Take. Your money, oh there's, two grand. We take that plump, there's, four, grand, boom, there you go in his pocket let's, keep going.

I hope that was just for the video. This place is really cool. Lots of fun stuff doesn't even feel like a bunker.

I say we all split up and go have fun. Okay, split up on three all right guys. We split up I'm going to go play some ping pong going up now that we're split up I'm going to go read a book is this the library.

It is all right, prepare for anything survival manual. I think if. You have a place in here, you're good now that we've split up I'm going to go work out gotta get those gains. I saw a guy at the gym do these one time all right. Let's.

Go climb this wall. The wizard's first rule I have to read this entire 600-page book to see his first rule. I was going to work out for like 20 minutes, but it's really hard.

And I don't want to. Ah, these books don't really interest me, but there's, a chess chessboard. Now, sit downtime to play chess.

You want to bet two thousand dollars on this. Game of chess, I don't want to but let's risk it for the decision all right. So you lost two grand and pool and two grand in chess. You want to do double or nothing if you win, you could pay off everything all right double or nothing. I get to have Ryan on my team, though, hey so double or nothing then versus me, if he wins that pays off his pool debt in the last game, hey, Ryan, did you actually use to play chess? Oh, yeah. A lot.

Did you beat people? No, I wonder what chandler's up to Chris bet two grand on the. First game to make up for what he lost the bull, and then he lost. So now he's doing double or nothing, four grand. But this time I get Ryan. You look sad.

Well, you're here, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's it. So checkmate, GG. Thank you. If you're watching the cameras I'm, leaving I'm through with this place, I've lost so much money. Here residential level, this looks like a normal house. Oh, my god, yo, this floor, right here floor.

Number 11 cost, 2.5 million dollars. Can we afford that each of these condos costs between one? And two and a half million dollars, and they can support up to 10 people and every single floor is protected by nine foot, thick walls, ain't, nobody gets in it even has windows of the outside. This is just a video it's, a TV of the outside world, you're getting hydrated based on everything.

I've seen so far. This is probably the most comfortable bed in the world, oh feels like a normal bed, wait there's, bunk beds. I don't even have kids poppa, hi all right, we're, just going to let them do their thing they're. Like 10 years old they're talking about pandas, so we're on the fourth floor, we're going to get some food Hughes. So the boys are hungry we're, not allowed to scrambled eggs in a can what we're going to do is we're going to go to those plants.

You saw earlier, and we're going to cut some and make a salad through the tunnel you're, our chef for the day. What is that lettuce? What about that lettuce? So we're just supposed to cut our own food is that how that works? Yeah, so we have all these greens and can you harvest. Us some fish we already have fish that have been pre-harvested and stored so that we can cook it at any time.

We want there. We go fish and salad surface level. So we're back on the residential floor. We got our greens right here. We also got the fish that was harvested in there, and we're going to make a meal with food, grown in the bunker, put them in a strainer. You wash it off all perfect shouldn't. You guys wash your hands.

Furthermore, you're. Not seeing me. I went like this.

Now we spin the lettuce. Watch. You ready. For this I'm, not now take it off, but Chris, how are you making this tilapia first off? I need a pan. Some oil here you are. Please do not touch it yet.

The plate is hot. Yes, is this in case? I barf, yes, chef. Chris, yes, yes, which would you recommend? I uh, indulge in first I would go with the salad because it can't be raw and give you, uh, stomach problems, all right I'm going to start off by trying the salad. Okay, oh my goodness.

Ah, it tastes like salt. Her eyes are watering he's crying. This is so salty all. Right, let's, try the fish it tastes amazing now that we've had a good and healthy dinner. What do you guys want to do next sauna? We haven't done sauna sweat with your boys. Chris, you hit the sauna.

You watch a movie. I have to take some phone calls all right break on three one, two, three break on three I'm going to go get hot and sweaty. Now, I'm going to go to the security room and scare them I'm going to see where they are on the camera to see who can scare the best that sounds. So mean, that's.

Okay, I give him. Money all the time security and sickbay, okay, they're both in the movie theater. So we're going to go there real talk. They've gotten a little too comfortable in this bunker. I mean, the world's ending like come on can't scare them, a little you'll, never be able to sneak up on me, well that didn't work. So I guess I'm just going to watch a movie to be honest.

I completely forgot I'm 11 stories, deep underground. This feels like a normal house, but anyway, I'm going to get some sleep. I'll. See you guys tomorrow. Morning and I'm about to go to bed, but I'm going to say good night to my wife first, I just wanted to tell you good night and that I love, you'm going to go to bed all right, guys, I'm in my room, I'm going to go to bed, but I have to make a call first, yeah. Can I get a large cheese pizza and a large pepperoni I'm in a bunker? Good morning.

I spent the first three hours of today listening to an audiobook on Steve Jobs let's, go see what the boys are up to Chris wake up. Oh, my eyes come on. We got a video to film, my. Eyes are burning for some reason whenever I wake up my hair always looks like this in the morning, I'm so tired, how was your guy's little night last night? I slept like a rock.

I also slept like a rock. So we're all in ingredients, sleeping in a bunker is the same as sleeping not in a bunker, no sleeping at a bunker is 10 times better. And the 24 hours is up. We are now out of the bunker.

Oh my gosh. The sun is so bright. Ah, I can't see kind of want to go back I'm going back.

Yeah, they had a pool in there. And video games and, um, wait, wait, wait, wait, what the door just closed on us. I wanted to go back, try the code again, oh yeah, it's.

Not working. They changed the code every 24 hours. He changed it once or twice, but I think it's here to stay.

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