How To Replace Engine Air Filter 2011 Chevrolet Hhr L4 2.2L

  • 21-Mar-2022

Maybe change by helping their car's engine, perform efficiently with the new air filter from filter heads com to access the air filter. First open the hood, the air filter is located here, loosen the hose clamp before disengaging disconnect, the sensor by pressing the back tab down and pulling backwards pull upwards to disengage the studs from the grommets you. There are seven Torn screws that loosen in order to access the air filter using a t20 Torn. Screw loosen, the screws you lift, the housing and. Remove the old filter, remove any debris in the housing, install your new AF 3054 filter into the housing lay it face down with the pleats facing up without an air filter is dangerous and replacing your filter can improve your gas mileage our website to order your filter to ensure that it fits reinstall. The screws you flip the housing over and a with the grommets, apply pressure to secure the housing. You slide, the air hose back onto the filter, housing retighten, the hose clamp reinstall, the wires.

You close the hood you.

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