How To Measure Ingredients - The Right Way 👍🏻(Dry And Wet)

  • 18-Apr-2022

Hey, everyone it's, Natasha Natasha kitchen, calm today, I'm going to show you how to measure your ingredients for cooking, whether it's dry ingredients or wet ingredients, I'm gonna share all of our tips and tricks. This is super important to make sure all of your recipes are a success. So let's do this.

We start with tools of the trade. Nothing fancy inexpensive things that you can get anywhere. So we've got our dry ingredients.

So you're going to use this for things like flour, sugar and then also thick wet. Ingredients like sour cream, pretty much anything that you can level off the top all right. And then we've got our measuring spoons. You use these for dry or wet ingredients, anything that calls for a spoon measurement and I love these because they're magnetic. So they stay together. They've got two sides.

So you can use one spoon for two things. And they've got this narrow side that dips into the spiced ingredients. These are awesome, I'll, leave a link below. You don't have to wash all of them.

If you use. One because there's, no annoying ring, and then finally our wet ingredients, measuring cups you're going to use these for anything that levels itself. So when you get down to here, you're going to see a flat line. Okay. So let's get started the first thing.

The thing that gets measured incorrectly. Most of the time is flour. So you'll definitely need a dry ingredient measuring cup and a spoon or a scoop.

The most important thing is that you've got a spoon, your flour into the measuring cup like so. Alright. And. Then level it off. Boom, easy never ever just shove your measuring cup into there, because it comes packs the flower, and you can get up to 25% too much flour. Okay, with sugar.

You can dip the measuring cup right into the sugar. It doesn't matter because it's already compacted, we level off the top perfect measure. Now on to the brown sugar, this one's a little different because a lot of recipes call for packed brown sugar. So you're going to take your measuring cup and dunk it in here, and you're gonna. Compact the sugar into the cup, just push it in there and the test of whether you did it right is when you invert the sugar onto a plate, it'll, keep its form just like that all right now on to the measuring spoons. So you can use these for things like baking powder.

You can dip it right into there. Easy spices. Same thing just get it in the measuring spoon and scrape and vanilla just pour it till the top all right now onto the liquid measuring cups that's. These guys right here. So this kind of. Cup, you can use for like let's say, we have a liquid liquid you're going to pour that in and get down to the level of the liquid. So I want half a cup and I want to see that line right at the half cup.

All right there. We go now as far as if you have some sticky ingredients like honey, molasses, corn syrup, anything like that it's a good idea to use a nonstick cooking spray and just spray the inside of your measuring cup. You don't need a bunch of just spray it lightly. And then same thing get down to the. Level of your measuring cup and watch it go in so with that oil in the measuring cup, it makes it really easy to come right out of there. Look at this watch this.

This is awesome. You get a lot less waste this way. My honey was a little thicker than usual today. All right, that's, pretty good all right. So then we're also going to use our dry ingredients for thick ingredients like sour cream, Mayo, peanut butter, the ingredients that don't level themselves you're going to put that into this kind of measuring cup. As well, and then you can just level off the top back of a knife, a straight edge.

Voil. And then finally we're going to weigh ingredients. Some recipes call for weighed ingredients like fruit or chocolate is usually weighed out.

So you'll need a digital kitchen scale like this. Once is our favorite all right. So you're going to put your bowl right on top and then hit zero that way. You know, you won't be measuring the bowl eight ounces, totally okay. That's. All there is to it, you're going to be measuring like a. Boss, thanks for watching.

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