How To Idle For Steam Trading Cards

  • 18-Apr-2022

He goes to be here today, we'll be showing you how to idle for some steam trading cards. So the method has changed from quite a while ago. Steam master is no longer in development. So there's, this new program, which is much better in my opinion and will help you out a lot.

So I'm going to link to the download page in the description below so just click on that right now, and you'll be a link to this page. So once you're on this page, you want to just click on ASF dot zip down here in the download section. And just wait for that to download once it's downloaded, we want to go to our downloads folder and then double-click to open it.

This will open up another window with your zip. Then what I like to do is make another folder and name. It ASF where they're going to drag the contents from the zip folder here into the new folder.

And now we're just going to go to that folder. Then we want to click on the ASF - config generator XE. So double-click on that to open it up and just wait for it to open. So try to. Give you some sort of tutorial I'm just going to skip all past it because I'm about to show you how to use it. So once we're into this program, we just want to click this + up in the top right. And then just enter a name I'm going to name mine idle because I'm using my bot for idling, so I'm going to enable call to true.

So click, the drop-down and go to true, and then I'm going to enter in my steam details. This program is a hundred percent safe. So don't worry about it's dealing a password or anything. It will be a hundred percent. Fine I, promise you. Alright. So once we've got a limb falling here, we just want to click on the X and then just press, ok, ok, and it's close it.

So once we've closed that we want to actually open up the ASF EXE, wait for all the text to come up. And it may take a while depending on your internet speed and computer speed, but just give it a little. So now that's all loaded it's asking me for my 2-step authentication code. So I'm going to give it that I trust this program.

Completely so I'm going to enter in my code press enter. And then it says successfully logged in to I steam or user auth, checking my badge page. Now we're just going to do is check the cards that you don't have and try to idle for them.

So currently it's, idling for punch club, and it's going to get the cause have for that. So you can see I'm now playing punch club. But I don't actually have the game open. So if I go to my profile, then badges, then I scroll down you'll, see that it says stuff.

Like two card drops remaining through car drops remaining I've, got lots of card drop, so it's actually going to idle for all these while I'm just doing other things, so it's, not going to use up lots of resources because it's literally just running in the CMD window. So you can just minimize that, and I'll just keep running. So it actually currently says that it will take me three days and 14 hours to get all the cards that I have apparently 164 cards.

So if I sell those I can get quite a bit of. Money in the long run. So if I search for punch club, you can see that I've got one card drop 4 punch clubs.

So it's currently idling for that one. And once it's idle for that one, it will move on to the next game. I, really hope. This tutorial helps you guys out if you'd like to please drop a like down below if you didn't know, already, I've currently got a 10k subscriber coupon, so I'm going to be doing a Q&A for 10,000 subscribers, and I've got a thread where you can post your questions on, and I will. Answer them in the video.

So if you're interested in that the link to that will also be down in the description below I hope to see you all in the next video.

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