Here's What My Hands Look Like While Playing On Controller! - Ps4 Apex Legends

  • 21-Mar-2022

If you ain't subscribe to you tripping I'm on the road to a predator yet, it's, the mission, yo, yo, what's happening to welcome back for another video. Now, today's videos, honestly, really highly requested video. A lot of you all have been asking for quite some time now in the comment section, and that is a hand, cam gameplay video, you know, I always have my face came here and a lot of you, you know, you like to see my face, but light, you know, sometimes you want to see my hands, and I've never done a hand. Cam video so I'm kind of pumped to do it.

Um, a lot of you also asked what kind of controller I use, and it's pretty gross right now. Just because my hands sweat, but like, yeah, you say, scuff, impact, it's, um, you know, if you guys don't know about scuff, they're, basically controllers with paddles on the back. They have these buttons that basically make your extra fingers on the back accessible to more inputs on a controller, um I, really like them, I'm, not sponsored by them. This isn't a sponsored video by any. Means, I, just know a lot of you want to see me use a hand cam and yeah.

So, you know, we had a pretty sick game today. I hope you guys enjoyed the rest of the video and comment down below if you guys use a scum, or if you use a regular Dual, Shock controller or Xbox controller, or if maybe even play controller on PC that'd be kind of crazy, but up, yeah, drop play subscribe join the stay nation. We are two hundred away from 100k let's. Smash this baby, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Let's. Get it. You wanna you guys want to go.

To train your once I never really go to Josiah it's, honestly, a pretty good location and I find quite a few people go here. A lot of people kind of go train yard, and it gets too hectic. But if you grab a couple pieces of loot like a weapon, at least they really just grab a weapon, keep this balloon and fly to train yard.

You'll already have the upper hand like a body shield would be ideal too, but like right now Oh hold up. We got someone in here. Okay, I got it I have to capitalize on this kid where you go. We didn't know how to hop the wall he got so scared. Oh, okay. Okay.

And we got a bulky let's. Go going to come back around get this guy. Quick, real quick, I, got it I, can't, forget that I'm Pathfinder, right now. Quick, reload, cookie, oh, good stuff.

Man, yes. Obstacle. Looks right? There he's got another one, holy smokes. Okay, I'm going to hold up there's more shocking, emo, I'm, letting all slide I'm going to go straight to thingamajig. Oh, we got the vault key, and we got a PK and a purple shield and all that good stuff. Holy smokes, it's going to be good.

Yes, sir can't even tell bro. Okay, we got this guy right here. Now did he get on the train.

He got on the train. Are you kidding? Me? We got him? Those are so satisfying holy not alone. Baby. Can you ping the bulky?

So they know they be here stuff looks good. Looks. Did you get him or no? No, no, no, oh boy.

Okay. Don't finish him. Bro, don't. Does it like that?

No I got you I? Got you bro? You are good this stuff, I'm a cover. Well, we've all I need heavy ammo. Oh, no.

No don't eat. The hits I don't. Want to take the hits? Okay, here we go. Watch this you're doing some money plays here. You just dip down.

He dips down, oh, here he goes. Okay. This is going to be a tough battle. I got my PK. Bye.

I just hate starting fights with the PK you take that initial shot. Yeah, okay. We got supper hand. We're. Good. Furthermore, we're. Good.

Furthermore, we do this. Furthermore, we do this honestly I think I may take the wing man, that's solid, get ourselves. A gold shield, awesome Oh, purple heavy, mag, that's, literally, that's. What I was looking for I don't think I. Could have gotten anything better. Let me drop this for my teammates though, but about not that is a or 99 green, right there fully KIT yourself I'm, not even going to kill it that should've dropped there's. No way that didn't hit the carrier there's.

No way that didn't hit the carrier that's. Insane, it's. Okay.

These are by myself once I get a purple May wing in it just feels like you can accomplish anything and I don't think, there's a better weapon to use during a hand cam video other than the. Wing man, the wing man is solid, super solid and satisfying to watch I should need an action into that - sup way to get them way to get him you're doing your thing. Bro just up good, knocks, you know, have a knockdown what's up. Beautiful I was wondering where the Mirage when I was like we're, not shooting at him. And they just disappeared. We got more action, literally right around the corner purple fresh Phoenix I'll.

Take it let's. Go amazing a bit hard of a stick. But whatever in here, oh, the digital. Threat is dangerous in the smoke I, tell you, oh good stuff to me. You just saved me and I got five steals for laughing. Now, holy don't get fried.

Come on good stuff. Oh, he's. So weak we're doing this little wingman shot, oh, you down. Okay, I. Miss. Both of those anyway, it's.

Okay, this guy's running in a circle. Come on. Let me get him. Good. Stop there.

We go. Easy. Claps. Man, whoa. Something tells me there's going to be people in sorting right now that are making their way over to us.

Oh, talk about a ten out of ten. Grapple workers I'm, just going to lay in here, it's always better to see if you can hear footsteps first I, don't, hear no one. Oh, there he'll, you see is a pop on your slingshot in out of nowhere.

So weak bro give me so big his shield and even up to hide behind he's going out this door. Maybe no, no, no, no where's, Bridget, Chopra's, it's. You aren't it to hit the finisher. Oh, you do the honors he/she did the honors for me. Let me go into let me go into let's. Go.

Oh, god. Here. Take this one take this one.

Right I'm so radish of me, Monty, hey, no, no, oh ha. He was going to take it from me. Hey, hey, take it there. You go.

Good stuff. Okay, we only got one squad left. This is it. This one's for the races, kind of think of where they could be if they were like a decent squad I feel like they would have pushed. And if they're on this side of the map right now, they're, evidently, already, not good, because what are they doing over there? Where that is their Indies that's going to be weird like?

Oh, my god. They are here. What are.

They doing that's so strange, oh my gosh, right? There were's. The crypto baby just wants to put the three-piece.

Those three pieces for me and I is it man that is DD done the wingman shot on the sticks on the hand cam. And thank you for watching everybody starts though what do we get? What did you get I feel like maybe it's a 3k I can't, tell probably in the twos 2846, 17 kills? It was close. It was close to the 3k, but not quite um, yeah. Hope you guys enjoyed the hand cam, possibly I'll do some more of these. You know, possibly maybe maybe I'll do another one in the future, but Dr. Blake subscribed resignation.

Yeah, yeah.

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