Delano Tucker Story

  • 21-Mar-2022

I know people some serious things are going with the Atlanta tucker right now you are getting elephant emptying in about right now. We have a big upstream driven remember sale at that platform. You know, pause, the video do the interview and pause it go viral. And everybody knows Delano took a right. No, no.

Alex they're, my father like a youth mp and the school a fighter that you would right now. Damn one take over and control our the money we are flowing in at the Atlanta life right about no remember CEO. At that you would stand up in a jungle with Delano, which party mp, which part of school the day, you know, I mean, I'm, sure, if the mp, snap one finger, they learn a talker and disappearance, you know, I mean them could I make them get a one bedroom. I want two bedroom with just a snap of a finger. But no, you would have gone viral. No one. Everybody see.

Man, love him ammonia coming. So damn one for the one where angel Allah street, juvenile Alex them, you know, I mean they might have received them called everybody. Named open money, I'll make sure see how do you get what I'm supposed to get barely food ply ball.

They were sent here by the mp, and he's no longer needed. He would say, oh, we can team up. We can join up not just helping the land.

We can help some other people in need to see him with them say, no, they're, not no other person in need are just the learner alone. People money are coming for the learning things are coming for the learning. You know, so you see them people. Yeah, I tell you that's, why the police.

Can act better. They want some money. You think, mp and school have a contoured money and car load people near myself.

Susan brown and john Thompson, ex among monitor Delano. They might just get some money pushing if you're pushing them pocket. I use, and I want to use and spend dandelion on him family this.

You know, imagine make sure you see all them get everything where they're supposed to get why they will fight. What do you mean? I like them things are on at least you would make all that is.

Possible I'm gonna fight all the youth on a wicked son, mp, go inside school. Go one side, one of the day, which part them did the people. To right now. May I get drastic I'm gonna just want to hear your feedback right? , no I'll, find some feedback right now in the comment section because these are some serious matters.

Youth, big up yourself street, driven TV. At them, post, a video only per credit because a year nobody. I beat them up. You know, I mean, big up street driven, and they are not talking from.

Member street driven our street, driven impose them. And I mean, yeah, man, remember them. John was terminated when a thing say your piece and see if it is some people there's, always no offer coming and spoil certain things' foolishness to make a cat.

Better. Number five show me what you're. Welcome. Yeah.

When I say share, the live people share the life Alex is on the live team. Alex all the way team. Alex all the way good night.

Good night, good night for report me, saying, may I put them upon immediate. Same same thing with that what then say we can report, somebody probably would say you have to want the media don't, turn off your life. Let the lights be. What are my money? Let me see it that's? Why? Jamaica better number fifty police.

Then contract me guys. This is the top that we did today with all of what we accumulate. These are all the stuff that came through for the family one barrel with full supply, food supply, right here.

So everything is being taken care of, and it's. Alex speaking, all right. So. May I speak vs on this video with this guy, pause, um, el Pinellas. Anyway, get to the point knowing that, um, I'm just post, the video, and I'm going to try album always saying stop understand when the Lana started, um going to ice cream from seventh grade, the seventh grade to. So the fifth farm.

The fifth maybe some teachers some persons are helpful at the time. But where was, um, where was they at the whole, um concept of creating an account for that at that time? Why is it that?

No, the fact. That is helping or Delano, um, everybody got our opinion are we all I'm supposed to do situation? Where were you guys at the time? Maya know that where were you guys at the time may not buy it when I come from saint Mary in Puerto Rico? And then no person started at airport Atlanta with the school after do Delano and getting, I know, the fight am I getting help?

You know what I , intervene do not intervene. And why I don't, um know where you know what happens? Whatever you are doing continue and. Don't stop don't. Stop. Yeah.

Sure proof, yes, they said that for him do what you do don't make anybody at all tell you stop and send it to the school now, whatsoever, many citizens that make they want to grab something and suck. They want to grab something say anything why I don't you're, continuing and do not anybody want to send, um goods money to the school foreign.

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