Chinese Diesel Heater Dismantle & Remove Soot [How To]

  • 18-Apr-2022

What's up guys, okay. So when I took the cat, they abandoned the carriage you're, not going to believe it so goes tits-up. Sometimes took the van down to the garage to get some welding done on it and got back everything sorted through the tools in the back of the van following their strikes off the diesel heater. So what happened was I pushed a box of tools up against the air inlet and suffocated. They yeah, the cold Inlet dump. It there covered it up with a box.

We had an overhead, and then it tried to burn. Cold so yeah, when the burn called this sort up, I've got another little job to do well, I'm, not going to see this is negative I'm going to see it as a positive because I want to do a good job of this one. So what I'm going to do with this one I did give it a strip out yesterday, but I've taken all the footage and I looked at it last night, and I was just not happy with the lighting. So I've tried to set up a little better lighting this morning, and I'm going to go through taking the diesel heater apart again, But this is purely for demonstrative purposes.

I will show you the pile of sort that I saved out of it from sorting it yesterday. So, yeah, I've got a bit of experience now of taking these bloody things apart. So here goes, first thing I'm going to do is unscrew the air inlet. And off of this end there's, some little Clips down here and just leave them out with the screwdriver, put that one out pulled thee. Well actually fell off while I was spinning it around underneath that slide, the rest of the case off. So the quickest way that I now find is this needs to come off because we're going to need the globe's logout.

They circuit board also needs to come off and that's, just a small Phillips screwdriver, just got attached to that talk, screw there and that'll keep on me screws in one place. So that needs to come off the yellow on black cable just push on the end of these clips and there's three pin sockets there on the yellow and black cable that needs to come off. And this one as well with the two red. Wires, this is a two pin socket that comes off.

And then we can get to one two three and four, but the talk screws down the bottom ER, right, the unit its t25 Torn, screw that one out great. Last one just careful with the cables guys, not an awful lot holding on until up that get Matt. You see it's just literally its walls and power. So then we can remove that bit there now that to be honest that didn't have an awful lot.

So on it that's, the fan and the gasket. And then what you've got inside here, it's. A 12 mil spanner, you need to remove the glow plug as you can get the cover plate for the burner out listened it. Next sorry, wrong. Screwdriver, it's, awful, it's, screwdrivers for Philips, screwdrivers for four handles, four, Phillips screws.

And just in the cover plate, take these out right need to remove that and actually the burner chamber. You've got you full access to it. There all right guys, believe it or not. This was absolutely choked last night. So in true, Blue, Peter fashion, I'm gonna just show you. One of those here's, the one I prepared earlier, what I did was get the way I brush inside give it a little of a scrape out with what I could. And then there was still thought jammed tight on this side of the fins and there, so I got right in right down to the bottom with a flat head and a screwdriver went through everything trying to get all that crap out.

No. This is what I finished up emptying out that's, not a small heap. So, yeah, why I brush inside cleaned it all out? And hopefully now it's gonna. Go back together, touch wood it's gonna work, so I'm just going to go and get a quick copper, and I'll be back shot all right guys, put it back together burn the chamber in first and that little rubber grommet there slides, okay, line those holes up, and then it's, the four Phillips screws back in there, just be careful not to over tighten. These screws guys because they yeah, casing its, only like a soft alloy.

You can over tighten and strip the threads. What you really don't want to do just a little tiny nipple. Right the next bit on that glow, plug back in then why isn't carefully put a lot back a bit I'm, just loosely tightening the old loosely tightening the up Oh does that work?

Twelve Mills plan. Huh? Loosely tightening things up there, hmm, that's. A paradox in itself, I really shouldn't be wearing my glasses for this. Alright, guys, I'm just going to get another spin, I just couldn't quite get in there with that slightly fatter one. So again, I don't want to over tighten it and that's.

The local did slide that. Back down that just gently work it in there. We go up, no I'll stop that next.

We need the gasket and note, which way it goes on first because, I'm there like so and the burner or the fan unit. Sorry, yeah, starting to look a little more like a these all burner, all right, and it's. The Tito 25 screws.

These things are surprisingly more simple than what I thought we were going to be to put back together and to take apart I'm tackling. The next thing I'm going to do with this one guys, I'm going to recite it I've. Seen Mel's well installation of his diesel here. And that was a fantastic idea, and I've also seen levees channel, which he installed his heater at the back of the van and put the tank on the doors.

So I'm going to need a little more pipe, I'm gonna need to shift a bit of wiring and all the rest of it. But I think for filling the tank up it's going to be a lot easier filling up from the back doors, rather than the side door. And particularly in the living area. So I'm going to have a bit of a change. Around with the heater I'm going to make it more accessible for taking in and out just in case we have this problem again. The next bit is that, so it's, the two pin plug one with the two red wires that just pops back on that. And a three-pin plug just pops that's, the yellow and blue cable, no it's, a four pin plug the and sits back on their like so that small Phillips, screw holds the circuit board back in LA.

And that is the main unit all back together again. What we need to do back into its housing like. Soap rubber grommet. Okay, four cables in place. I was in I think we've got this a bit of day. And then finally about to leave already back again.

Come with me, I'm, not really asking we'll, get away to a place where we don't know.

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