Apple Ipad 1 Vs Ipad 2: Gaming Comparison (Split-Screen Demo)

  • 18-Apr-2022

Hey, YouTube, this is Detroit Borg, and I've been debating exactly how to do a gaming comparison between iPad 1 and iPad 2. So I think I figured out what I'm going to do is play. Perhaps the most amazing game currently available for both devices, we're going to play Infinity Blade, and I'm going to shoot each video separately and then composite them in a side-by-side shot on YouTube. So that will give you an idea of how smoothly each game runs. And hopefully give you an idea of the performance.

You can expect in. The real world. Now this is a particularly important comparison because iPad 2 saw the biggest gains in terms of graphics performance. So we definitely want to take a look at the difference. Of course, Infinity Blade isn't, taking full advantage of iPad 2. But the game can surely benefit from its increased horsepower.

Now what we're going to do is just play the intro of infinity blade, which is rendered in 3d. And that will give you an impression of overall game performance, there's, no way, I can keep things. In sync once I start playing so that's as far as I can go so let's, go ahead and get the demo started the colossal is.

So what you may have noticed is that iPad 2 has a higher frame rate and has much better resolution. So for example, the highlights and details really pop out on iPad 2 versus the softer. Look on iPad 1. So once again, guys, this is Detroit Board with a look at gaming on iPad 1 versus iPad 2. Thanks for watching.

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