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  • 18-Apr-2022

Welcome to this new video today, we will talk about this wonderful series called sing nation on action. It is for friends. Thanks to the support that the first video and others related to this series obtained, a subscriber recommended today's video to me. This video was suggested by Mario and Nathanael today. We will talk about subscriber theories about what could have happened with the series. So let's start.

I will read the subscriber theories and give a brief opinion. So let's follow. My theory is that. It became the first z, crazy immortal. This theory has to do with scorpion.

Let me tell you that it is a probability since he was no longer heard from after that chapter in which he died. And then came back to life could be an answer a question that happened with scorpion at the end. It is seen that he opened his eyes when they gave him a vaccine. But today he was no longer seen if you don't know what happened to scorpion I, invite you to watch my related video about theories that could pa SAR with. Scorpion, they left you the card about that video.

And in the description, it will also be cool. Watch it. And from there get more theories for a second part of this video, if Murphy were a villain, it would be the same as the third season or worse, in my opinion, I think, so he could become a villain, but he would be a worse villain than the third. Since as we know, Murphy has the brain of son law. And as we saw in the last scene of the last chapter of the fifth season, an evil laugh was seen when tasting.

Only a piece of the brain of short may. So in my opinion, I think he would be a worse villain than the third season since the season that passed ended well that's what we keep asking ourselves to this day, no and no company or company interested in buying the series so that they continue more seasons coming out. So we wait for something to happen.

And soon there may be more seasons of this wonderful series that I become very fond of to the degree that I am making these videos for you, The only thing. Left for us would be to wait to see what happens to the girlfriend of citizen z, not the one from the North Pole, But the one he was talking to on the computer. Let me, tell you that there was no such girlfriend, if it wasn't a hacked account, and it was the hacked account dead. And since at the beginning of the series, the set citizen has been obsessed with no one obsessed to the point that he hacked let's say, his Facebook since another brand appears in the series. He hacked ADI's account and. Himself, he talked to himself and that's why he said, sweet things to each other.

It was nice talking to you, I hope to know that one day I would love nice night, sweet, prince, good, night, beautiful lady, Pandora, like this all burnt. And without an eye is sexy. No, because everyone does not like it. I judge. But interesting suggestion, I, still hope for a sixth season. We all hope for a sixth season.

And hopefully the same thing I mentioned a while ago will come out soon Let's, just wait to know what happens and. We can only wait for them to make a movie and solve all the theories, a movie would be fascinating, the truth, as well as the special one-hour chapter, But a movie with everything related would be good, a movie where a scorpion comes out with powers that charlatans, whether they are humans that we see what happened to warren after we found out. He was a zombie. A movie is good to solve this kind of theories. I think the same thing that there was a movie that would solve everything.

And what happened. To the fascinating man, this is a very interesting question, ask since the man for the last time, well that I remember for the last time he was seen in the last chapter of the third season. Let me tell you that since I did not have the original scenes of the chapter I had to use the telephone to the television screen. So that if you could see the scenes, he can't get them. And this was the best he could do so sorry, if it's seen from a bad quality as seen in chapter are. And he throws himself with the man.

After the man tried to kidnap light and to take the area having thrown himself with man 5, he almost throws himself with him. And what we know about 5k is that he did die in the fifth season, we know that 5 almost died. We knew that ADI is still alive, but we no longer know anything about the man and most likely. My theory is that he could have gone to the area. In fact, we will not talk about that in a few moments. But the man It was no longer known.

If you want a video of theories that could happen with. The man, he left a goal of 50 likes. And if you want me to do it, leave it in the comments that no more phi was cured, or because it turned red, as we finally know at the end, he was not cured at all.

He could talk to the charlatans. In fact, he could still control the zombies supposedly, the state, but he still did not hide his powers towards the zombies. And if I remember correctly Murphy turned red from the radiation of the black rainbow that we will also talk about later. And that is all I get to know, I. Am not going to lie to you either I have not seen all the chapters again. But what I remember is what I am commenting on. So if a piece of information passes me by here, I do not, it would bother me if they leave it in the comments and tell me that I'm wrong somewhere, or that I forgot to say, something explains what the function of the black rainbow was.

And what happened to sol as we knew from the fourth season at the beginning of that season warren had nightmares about a rain of acid that he says. Integrated everything in its path, warren, warned about that mechanism or about that plan that the zone carried out in order to eliminate all the zombies in the world, the function, practically of the black rainbow was with that acid to kill all that being I live. So that everyone is clean and zone is the only safe place.

And what happened to zone after the last episode of the fourth season warren got into a rocket that supposedly, it was going to be the cause of the black rainbow. And from then on. The area was no longer known.

This theory has to do with scorpions that was the experimental morphine vaccine. And perhaps it survived the stab wounds because it became like morphine, I, don't. Think it has returned as Murphy more.

It will have been an evolution of the vaccine since as we know it is an experimental vaccine, and we do not know what it contained. We know that it contained Morphy's blood. Obviously, it was not going to return the same as Murphy. So it is not known. What could have happened. With scorpion, who was the boy with the scorpion tattoo here, I'm going to leave you wrong in the answer.

I just simply don't know, even though I watched the whole third season again, I didn't know who the boy was until Vazquez when he became a scorpion. He also had that tattoo. But here if it turned out badly for you, and you don't want the boy with the scorpion tattoo, and he comes back to yours. My theory is that scorpion started the spread of immortal zombies and scorpion did not cause the immortal. Zombies that was as far as I know, it was the black rainbow, the black rainbow apart from creating the charlatans also caused the zombies to be more resistant to bullets or attacks like the zombies that were seen in the fifth season, but it is not known. It could have been a scorpion.

It could have been the PLA Trimble. Furthermore, it is not known make a movie do an interview with all the actors of the zeta nation and solve all these questions because these were some of the theories that I took for this video. If. You want a second part of theories about nation, z, I, leave a goal of 70 likes or by majority of comments. If you want me to do a second part apart from leaving your comment and your like leave your theory in the comments so that they come out in a second part.

This was all for me. I hope I have clarified some doubts. And if not, leave it in the comments and I will start to investigate more in depth in order to solve your doubts, Let me tell you is that the answers in this video are not 100%, confirmed.

Moreover, my answers are some theories responding to their theories. And thus more theories are included in order to reach a conclusion. So thank you very much for watching the video. Thank you very much for supporting and many. Thank you for that great support for the videos of nation, z study in depth, more nation, by. So we can bring you these videos, a huge greeting to all and see you in the next video bye.

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