40 Davita Is Giving A Review On Her Work

  • 18-Apr-2022

I'm smiling because we were out to found on the more she's, not quitting, no I'm, not quitting, um, you know, the book God. Why always the other woman it's going? Well, I mean, when I first read it, the one thing that kind of stuck up my monitor, but she said, you have about three or four chapters in that one chapter. So I kind of I did I took everyone's review. I went online, and I watched it over and over again. I wrote things that I said, what miss Millie said, why isn't that in a book, you know, so that's, what I. Did I sit down, and I wrote those things and I came up with some really, really good pages and even more exciting rice in it, because before I was holding back stuff?

Well, I don't need to talk about the shopping trip. I don't need to talk about this. Now I'm just going to write about everything. And then at the end, if I need to pull things out because I'm, like you, I want Charlie to be a series of books.

I want her character too. I wanted. Furthermore, I want people to grow with her. So I really put this in a time and. Place, you know, her age, you know, she's the youngest daughter to, you know, three children.

So I really made you get to know, Charlie, that's, her and I picked out three friends that are very, very critical. When it comes to supporting me and positively, they're going to be reading the chapters once I get done with them too. And you said, if we can find someone that you real it's, right, you know, so I've found three people that I really trust their their their insight that knows me, much deeper in life. And you all do they've known me for so many haters, give them the greatest of appreciation in the front of the book for doing, absolutely. So I have been very excited.

I am still I have my outline I, pulled my characters out to make sure they are what they are so that I can stay consistent through the book, but what I've done, which I've never done before I've actually written the purpose of every character. So while I'm writing, that is actually a tool that I can use to relay the message. Of Charlie's story, it helps me a better place when you talk my organization, my degree is in English. So I started really thinking about the things learning when I was in college and the debris. The books I've read, and I find it very easy to have my characters, and what what what are their purpose in Charlie's life. So that when I'm writing, and I wanted to relay this message about Charlie, this character must be in this area. So I'm, having.

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